60 Types of Flowers: Huge List Of Flowers With Names & Pictures

types of Flowers With Names & Pictures

There are thousands of different types of flowers that come in many sizes and colors. Different types of popular annual flowers can bloom in the spring and summer. This can give your garden beautiful white, pink, red, or yellow flowers. Many types of perennials produce blooms of flowers, mainly in the spring and summer.

Common types of flowers such as bulb flowers also produce a variety of different colored flowers in the summer or spring. Other types of famous flowering plants include orchids, succulents, cacti, shrubs, and trees. Growing different kinds of flowers can ensure that you have blooms almost all year round in your garden.

One of the great things about growing a variety of flowers is that you can always have cut flowers to brighten up your home. You may also want to have stunning orchids which grow well indoors and produce small to large flowers in many different colors.

Other types of popular flowering plants that are easy to care for are succulents and cacti. Not all of these kinds of exotic plants flower regularly when growing indoors in containers. However, when they do, they produce small flowers that grace the thick green leaves or stems.

In this article, you will learn about the most popular types of flowers. You will learn about flowers that bloom in winter as well as flowering bushes, shrubs, and flowering trees.

Types of Annual Flowers (With Pictures and Names)

Annuals are a type of plants that grow from seed to bloom and then die in one season. This means that you need to plant annual flowers every year to enjoy their gorgeous colors.

There are some perennial flowers that are grown as annuals as they don’t survive the cold winter. So in warmer zones they are planted as perennials, however in cooler zones they are grown as annuals. You can bring them indoors during winter, and then replant them outdoors in spring.

First, let’s look at some of the most popular annual flowers that bloom in spring.

Annual Flowers that Bloom in the Spring

Type of flowers: Spring annuals (pansies and primrose)

Types of common flowers: Spring annuals (pansies and primrose)

Some annuals flower well in cooler temperatures and may bloom in early spring or even in late winter. Here are a few varieties of annuals that blossom in springtime.



Pansies are beautiful flowers that come in a wide array of colors

Pansies are one of the most popular early bloomers that produce beautiful flowers with large petals in many colors. Although pansies are perennial flowers, they usually die back in cold winters because they are not hardy plants in cold winters.

Some common types of pansy flowers have stunning 3-color petals in deep blues, yellows, reds, and purple. There are also some types of pansy flowers that are black.

Pansies grow best in full sun and planted in well-drained soil and they add beautiful color to your garden.

Primrose flowers

scented primrose

There is a wide variety of beautiful primrose flowers to suit any color scheme in your garden

Primrose is another well-loved variety of flowering plant due to its bright yellow, red, or purple petals it produces in early spring. Although there are types of perennial primrose flowers, many gardeners grow primrose as annual plants.

Primrose plants commonly grow in the wild in forests, near beaches, and wasteland. They also make great container flowering plants to brighten up a deck area or balcony area.

Gorgeous primrose flowers have small petals that usually have a bright yellow center.

Plant primrose flowers in an area of your garden that gets some sun but also plenty of shade. Most primrose varieties enjoy moist soil; however, some types of primroses thrive well in dry, well-drained soil.

There are a number of other varieties of flowers that bloom in early spring such as daffodils, tulips, and crocuses. You can read about those in the list of flowering bulbs later in the article.

Types of Annual Flowers that Bloom in Summer (With Pictures)

Type of flowers: Summer annuals (marigold and sunflower)

Type of flowers: Summer annuals (marigold and sunflower)

Because most annual plants that flower are planted in springtime, you can expect beautiful blossoms in the summertime.



Marigold is one of the most popular and famous type of annual flower that can be found in many gardens

Appreciated around the world for their beautiful flowers, marigolds are a type of flowering plant from the Calendula genius.

Common marigold flowers are generally large flowers with bright yellow or orange-colored petals and the flower head has a dark center. The incredibly beautiful flower head is made up of tiny petals that can have about 6 or 7 layers. Marigolds bloom in the summertime and can continue flowering until early fall. The famous marigold flowers are a perfect type of garden flower because they add great color.

Snapdragon flowers


Snapdragons can come in a color combination of pink and white flowers

Appreciated around the world for their beautiful flowers, snapdragons are grown as a type of annual plant even though they are categorized as a perennial plant. The reason for this is that they are not cold hardy and they don’t survive cold winters very well.

When snapdragons bloom in summer, they create a sea of multi-colored flowers in the garden. Snapdragon plants grow long leafy stems that are crowned with conical-shaped bright flowers.

To enjoy these annual flowers that come in a wide variety of colors, plant them in full sun and in well-drained soil. Snapdragons are perfect garden flowers as they are very colorful.

Geranium flowers


Geraniums can grow as perennial flowers in warmer climates and enhance any landscaped garden

Geraniums are a very popular type of summer-blooming plant due to its multitude of varieties. Although most geraniums are grown as annuals, in warmer zones they are grown as perennial flowers.

The most common colors of petals for geranium flowers are red, orange, purple, white, and pink. Geranium flowers are made up of 5 long petals that have veins running through them.

For some avid gardeners, geraniums are the most popular flowers to grow in the garden as they thrive in most types of soil. You can enjoy the beautiful blooms of geranium flowers from summer to early fall. There are also some types of geranium that bloom in late spring.



Sunflower is a type of annual flower that looks stunning in any garden

One of the tallest flowering annual plants is the sunflower. These famous flowers are easily identified with their long stems and very large big round yellow flowers.

Sunflowers bloom at their peak in the middle of summer. They usually start flowering in the middle of summer and can continue blooming until the fall.

If you have areas of your garden that get all-day sun, you can plant sunflowers there as a stunning backdrop for your bushes or flower beds.

Sunflowers are grown commercially for their oil and their seeds.

Types of Annual Flowers: Plants that Flower in the Fall (With Pictures)

Types of flowers that bloom during autumn (begonia and petunia)

Begonia and petunia are beautiful flowers that bloom during autumn

It can be difficult to categorize plants that specifically bloom in the fall due to the fact that many summer flowers continue blooming through the fall.

Let’s look at some plants that produce some of the most beautiful autumn flowers.

Begonia flowers


Begonias are decorative flowers that don’t survive the winter well

Extremely popular worldwide, begonias are a type of annual flowering plant that will continue to flower into the fall.

The beauty of begonias is that they can provide pretty flowers throughout all of the growing seasons. Most gardeners plant begonia flowers in their garden as annuals and not perennials as they don’t survive the winter well. Begonias have become one of the most popular flowering plant varieties due to their showy display of flowers and attractive leaves.

Plant begonias in partial shade and well-drained soil to enjoy maximum blooming time from these delightful flowering plants.

Petunia flowers


Petunia is an annual flowering plant that comes in many colors

Petunias are an autumn or fall flower that produces mainly pink, white, and violet blossoms.

Having petunias in your garden will give it plenty of color in the fall when some other types of annuals have stopped flowering. Petunias are described as half-hardy annuals as most varieties don’t survive harsh frosts. Their attractive flowers grow in the shape of a funnel and come in light pink, dark purple, lilac, and crimson colors.

Some of the most beautiful petunia flowers have multicolored petals shaped like a trumpet with dark, almost black centers. Some other common types of petunia flowers have small round petals with light-colored stripes originating from the center.

Chrysanthemum flowers

Chrysanthemum flowers

Chrysanthemum is an extremely popular outdoor flower because it adds color to your garden

Chrysanthemums (or, sometimes called mums) are a type of flowering plant that produces large colorful blooms in the fall.

The beautiful flower heads of chrysanthemums consist of long petals that form a large flower. Some popular types of chrysanthemum flowers can be ball-shaped, globe-shaped, or star-shaped. Hybrids of chrysanthemums can come in a wide variety of colors including bright orange, red, pink, green, and white.

Chrysanthemums will give you plenty of delightful blooms in the fall that also make great cut flowers for your home.

Types of Annual Flowers: Plants that Flower in Winter (With Pictures)

Let’s look at some of the flowering annual plants that give your garden or home a dash of color during winter months.

Sweet pea

sweet pea

Sweet pea is an annual climbing flowering vine that thrives in full sun

Sweet peas are a type of flowering climbing plant that you need to plant every year to enjoy their dainty flowers.

One of the reasons why sweet peas have become a popular winter flower is that they have a delightful fragrant aroma. The wafer-thin petals on the flowers are usually delicate shades of pinks, purples, and whites.

Plant sweet peas in your garden where they can get plenty of sun and in well-drained soil. Furthermore, sweet peas also flower at other times of the year.

Winter Viola flowers

Violets (Viola)

Violas flower throughout fall and winter and display a stunning array of color

Plant violas in the fall if you want them to flower on and off during the winter months. Winter violas are tough enough to survive cold weather and can flower all through the winter.

Winter violas have small flowers that come in many color combinations so they will brighten your garden during winter time.

Other varieties of beautiful annual flowers


Annual Zinnia Flowers

  • Zinnia produces vibrant flowers that look beautiful in bouquets.
  • Winter jasmine is a shrub-like flowering winter plant that produces small yellow flowers.
  • English primrose is one of the earliest types of flowers to bloom in the spring.
  • Vinca has different colored flowers that are made up of 5 petals.
  • Impatiens are also called “patient Lucy” or “busy Lizzie” and produce small flowers.
  • Cornflower produces star-shaped blooms that sit on top of a long stem.
  • Celosia is an example of a striking flower that adds vibrancy to any kind of flower arrangement or bouquet.
  • Red poppies (Papaver) produce beautiful red flowers in the spring and summer.

Types of Perennial Flowers

Type of flowers: Perennials (roses and peony)

Roses and peony are common perennial flowers

Perennials are a type of flowering plant that grows year after year. That means that you don’t have to plant perennial flowering plants if you want to enjoy their blooms every year.

Though perennials should last for years, not all of them grow year after year. Some perennials are tender and they die in winter. They are called annuals if you live in a place with a cold winter. Only hardy perennial flowers survive the winter and come back year after year.

Bulbs are also a type of perennial flower; however, flowering bulbs are listed as a separate category of flowering plants.



Roses are very popular perennial flowers that include many species and cultivars

There are more than 360 rose species and thousands of rose cultivars, all producing beautiful flowers that have a wonderful fragrance.

Botanically, a rose is considered to be a complete flower because it contains the four main parts of a flower: petals, sepals, stamen, and carpel (also known as a pistil).

Some rose stems produce one large rose flower, whereas other popular varieties of roses produce multiple small roses on each stem. The woody stem of flowering rose plants makes them the perfect type of cut flower. Rose flowers come in a variety of colors and shades from dark red, to light orange, purple, pink, orange, and white.

Roses are a common type of romantic flowers to express deep feelings or love. In fact, types of white roses are common wedding bouquet flowers as they symbolize new beginnings.

You can expect roses to bloom every year from late spring to the end of the summer. They should be planted where they get full sun during the summertime.



Daylily is a perennial tall flowering plant with attractive showy blooms

Extremely popular worldwide, daylilies produce mainly yellow or orange flowers that come back every year. However you can actually get exceptional daylilies flowers in many other colors including pink, purple and red.

Planting daylilies is popular with gardeners as the long-stemmed flowering plants grow in most conditions. The star-shaped beautiful flower has long leaves that turn back on themselves and have a protruding stamen. In some ways, daylilies (Hemerocallis) look like flowers from traditional lilies (Lilium).

Peony flowers


Peonies are one of the most beautiful flowers and they have great scent

Peony is a type of flowering shrub-like plant that produce stunning large puffy flowers that have a wonderful fragrance.

The large peony flowers are usually a light pink, dark pink or white color. Due to the fact that this popular flower has lots of petals, they look like a fluffy ball. The plant blooms year after year in the late spring or early summer. However, the peony plant only blooms for 7 -10 days every year. Due to their striking appearance, peonies often make great cut flowers for large bouquets or fancy ornamental flowers.

In fact, some wedding bouquets that include peonies can cost hundreds of dollars.

Shasta daisy

shasta daisy

Shasta daisy is an early blooming flower

This early bloomer, the Shasta daisy produces small white flowers with a yellow center every year.

The daisy flowers sit on top of long stems and the stems usually grow in clusters. These extremely beautiful perennial flowers that bloom every spring may even last throughout the summer if you cut them back properly.

Types of Popular Flowering Shrubs and Bushes

Lilac is a type of flowering bush

Lilac is a type of flowering bush that is easily identifiable

Most types of shrubs and bushes produce blooms every year. Some types of perennial bushes can even grow to the size of a small tree, whereas others are small shrubs that are only knee-height or smaller.



Lavender is a type of perennial flowering plant with purple fragrant flowers

Flowering lavender shrubs are one of the most popular small flowering shrubs due to their beautiful light-blue flowers and fragrant aromas.

Lavender is generally a hardy shrub that can grow in dry sandy soil and withstand full sun. Lavender flowers consist of tiny petals that grow up the stem. These long lavender blooms can start flowering from early spring, and some varieties can last until the end of the summer.

When it comes to medicinal flowering plants, lavender usually tops the list. The essential oil of lavender is prized for its antibacterial and soothing properties.

Lilac bush

lilach flowers pictures

Lilac bush is a type of flowering plant

Lilac is a large type of flowering bush that produces large conical flowers made up of tiny petals.

Lilac bushes come in various sizes with the dwarf bush growing about 4 ft. (1.2 m) tall and large bushes growing to about 20 ft. (6 m). Lilac bushes don’t bloom for a very long time. But they produce a large number of elegant flowers every year late in the spring or early summer. The most common color of lilac flowers is light purple. However, there are also types of lilac that produce white, burgundy, yellow, or pink colored flowers.

Hibiscus flowers

Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus Syriacus), altea plant

Hibiscus is a type of flowering bush

Hibiscus plants produce large stunning flowers with thin delicate petals that come in a variety of colors.

The two main types of hibiscus flowers are single-bloom flowers and double-bloom flowers. Single blooms of the hibiscus resemble a trumpet with a long stamen protruding. Double bloom hibiscus shrubs have a crepe-like paper appearance and a bushy head.

The hibiscus is considered to be a complete flower because it contains the four main parts of a flower: petals, sepals, stamen, and carpel.

A popular type of hibiscus is the rose of Sharon.

Other types of flowering shrubs that annually produce flowers


Hydrangeas have big showy flowers that can grow as low hedges, foundation plants, accent plants, or container plantings

  • Hydrangea bushes bloom yearly from early spring to late fall. The large showy globe flowers sit at the end of a stem.
  • Azalea flowers are stunning to look at, and the bush adds light bright colorful flowers when it blooms every spring. Azalea flowers are often used in wedding bouquets due to their beautiful appearance.
  • Rhododendron is a large bush that produces clusters of large flowers. This type of bush is often used in hedgerows where they produce amazing blooms from early spring to the middle of summer.

Types of Flowering Trees

Japanese cherry tree is a type of flowering tree

Japanese cherry tree is just one of the types of flowering trees

The beauty of flowering trees can enhance any garden or park and also provide an abundance of fruit at the end of the summer.

Cherry blossom trees

cherry flowers

Cherry blossoms

Flowering cherry trees are one of the most stunning flowering trees you could have in your garden.

Every March or April, cherry blossom trees change into striking pinks and whites when they blossom. In addition to that, their foliage also turns to spectacular colors in the fall. Parks that contain a large number of cherry trees attract many tourists every year to admire their amazing blossoms. Cherry blossom trees produce inedible small cherries.

Flowering almond tree

Almond tree flowers

Almond tree flowers

The almond tree also tops the list of the most beautiful blossoming trees.

Although technically a type of flowering shrub, most gardeners grow almond shrubs as trees. Pink or white blossoms adorn the flowering tree every spring.

Plum tree flowers

Plum tree flowers

Plum tree flowers

Flowering plum trees are yet another example of a tree that transforms gardens from green into colorful shades of pink, purples, and white.

The plum tree is one of the best trees to plant in your garden for extra color. Not only does the tree bloom every spring, but the leaves also turn a deep burgundy color. At the end of the summer purple sweet plums are ready for harvesting.

Other beautiful types of flowering trees

Crabapple Tree Flowers

Crabapple tree flowers

  • Flowering crabapple tree brings many people to New York when the delightful trees start to flower every year from mid-April to May.
  • Magnolia tree blooms are types of large fragrant flowers in colors ranging from white to shades of dark pink.
  • The flowering pear tree, like most fruit trees, produces stunning blooms in the springtime. The blooms of the pear tree are so white and vibrant that the tree looks like it’s covered in snow.
ornamental pear flowers

Ornamental pear flowers

Flowering Succulent Plants

Succulents are a type of plant that has thick fleshy leaves and it grows in dry, hot climates. Succulents come in all shapes and sizes and have a wide range of different types of flowers. While succulent plants have the ability to bloom, the location and conditions need to be right for them to do so.

In our list of flowering plants, we will look at just one of the most popular flowering succulents – the kalanchoe.


Kalanchoe is a type of tropical succulent that produces small flowers that come in clusters. The flowers on the kalanchoe are long-lasting and came in various shades of orange, pink, yellow, red, and white. These small flowers look striking in contrast to the shiny green leaves.


type of flowering cactus

Christmas cactus in bloom

Cacti are similar to succulents in that they grow in hot, dry climates. Every type of cacti is a flowering plant; however, the ability of the cactus to produce flowers depends greatly on its environment.

Let’s look at one of the most popular types of cactus that often blooms indoors every winter.

Christmas cactus

Christmas cactus

The Christmas cactus is a type of cactus that flowers during winter time

The Christmas cactus is a type of blooming plant that flowers around the end of the year.

This perennial flowering plant has long hanging leaves that are glossy and green. All types of “holiday” cactus have the potential to produce white, red, pink, or purple flowers every year. Some types of cacti bloom for several weeks every year.

In order to bloom regularly, the cactus needs to be in cool conditions and have 14 hours of darkness every day when new growth appears. When the buds appear, you can move the cactus to a warmer area where it will start to bloom.

Orchids – Tropical Types of Flowers for the Home

Orchids produce some of the most stunning and delicate flowers from any type of flowering plant. There are actually hundreds of varieties of orchid plants that produce tropical flowers in a wide range of colors. You really have to see pictures of flowering orchids to believe all the varieties of petal shapes and colors.

Let’s look at one of the most popular types of orchids that is easy to grow at home.

The exotic flowers of the Phalaenopsis orchid

The exotic flowers of the Phalaenopsis orchid

Phalaenopsis flowering orchid

The Phalaenopsis orchid (or, moth orchid) is one of the easiest orchids to care for at home. Even with the Phalaenopsis orchid, there are around 70 different species – all with different types of stunning exotic flowers and colors!

The Phalaenopsis plant produces stems that contain multiple elegant flowers on each one. Some types of these extremely popular orchid flowers have plain white petals with a burgundy center. Other varieties of gorgeous flowers have stunning red leaves with white or yellow stripes or multicolored leaves that seem to gently fade to other colors.

Flowering Bulbs

Flowering bulbs are one of the most popular types of flowering plants that grow and bloom every year.


type of flowering bulb

Lily is a type of common flowering bulb

Lilies are flowering bulbs that produce some of the most stunning and striking flowers of any plant. Lilies, especially white ones, are also a popular type of wedding flower. In fact, some varieties of lilies are very expensive wedding flowers.

pictures of stragazer lilies

Stargazer lily is a plant with beautiful flowers

Appreciated around the world for their beautiful flowers, the large flowers on the lily plant grow at the end of a long stem. The most beautiful part of the lily flower is the large elegant petals that turn back on themselves. The center of the lily flower has a long stamen and anthers that are covered in pollen. Lily petals grow in a number of colors from pure white to dark vibrant pink or crimson.

Botanically, lily is considered to be a perfect flower because it contains the male (stamen) and female (carpel) reproductive parts.

Learn more about different types of lilies that make great cut long stem flowers to add some elegance to any room.

Crocus flowers


Crocus is a bulbous perennial with attractive flowers in various color combinations

When crocuses bloom every year, it is a sign that spring has arrived. In fact, you will often see pictures of crocuses growing on snow-covered ground.

Clusters of small crocuses that grow from bulbs usually don’t grow more than 2″ or 3″ (5 to 7 cm) tall.

Although crocus flowers come in almost every color, yellow, lilac, and mauve are the most common flowers. There are a wide variety of crocus petals. Some have just one color, whereas others have stripes or multicolored petals.

Plant crocus flowers in your garden in well drained soil in a location that gets a good amount of sunshine.



Tulips are elegant flowers that come in a myriad of vibrant colors

Extremely popular worldwide, tulips are the classic spring flower that have an amazing array of bright, vibrant colors.

These flowering bulb varieties of plants have relatively large elegant flower sitting on top of a green stem. There are a reported 15 different types of tulip flower shapes. Some are the typical oval shape of a tulip petal, others have lily-shaped petal, and some have wispy multicolored petals that have a puffy appearance.

Tulips flower from year to year and like to grow in full sun and well-drained soil.



Daffodils are a popular type of flower and are grown in many gardens worldwide

Daffodils are another type of popular flower worldwide that blooms in the spring and produces flowers that come back every year.

The most common daffodil is a yellow flower with 6 petals in a star-shape and protruding tubular petal in the center. Other types of daffodil flowers are an array of white petals with a yellow or orange trumpet-type petal in the center. Some showy daffodils have multiple layers of petals in the center that form a bouquet of petals.

Dahlia flowers


Dahlia flowers come in various colors, shapes and sizes

There are more than 85 species of Dahlia and some people say that these plants produce the most beautiful flowers in the world. Dahlia plants produce stunning colorful flowers usually in the shape of a ball or star on top of a leafy stem.

The largest varieties of dahlias can produce enormous blooms up to 1 ft. (30 cm) in diameter. The smallest types have dainty flowers measuring around 2″ (5 cm) in diameter. Dahlia flowers come in most colors including yellow, white, red, pink, lavender, and even dark burgundy which is nearly black. Some popular dahlia flowers have flower heads in many fascinating color combinations.

Other types of flowering bulbs

Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) 

Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis) – in the picture: small white snowdrop flowers

  • Snowdrops are tiny flowers that have a white bell-shaped flower that hangs down. They are usually one of the first flowers to bloom after winter.
  • Bluebells are another example of an early bloomer bulb flower that grows in the wild. They produce pretty blue or lilac flowers that look like tiny bells dangling from stems.
  • Iris is a type of perennial flowering bulb that grows long erect stems with a large flower at the end. Iris plants can start blooming as early as February or March. Some varieties of iris called the Black Iris also produce black flowers.

Iris flowers

Popular Flowers

Of course, everyone will have their own favorite flower. What are the 10 most popular types of flower in the world? According to some estimates, the list of flowers by popularity includes the following:

    1. Roses
    2. Lavender
    3. Iris
    4. Hibiscus
    5. Peonies
    6. Jasmine
    7. Morning Glory
    8. Tulips
    9. Sunflowers
    10. Orchids

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