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Green Bugs on Plants (Pictures) – Identification and How To Get Rid of Them

Green Bugs on Plants

Identifying green bugs on plants is key to preventing pests from destroying your houseplants, or outdoor plants. Small green bugs such as aphids can suck plant sap from stems or leaves, causing plants to wither and die. Other bugs with green bodies like Japanese beetles, stink bugs, or green weevils can destroy plant foliage and roots. However, some green bugs like lacewings are beneficial insects that feed on harmful plant pests.

Small Black Bugs on Plants (Including Tiny Bugs) – Pictures, Identification and Control

Small Black Bugs on Plants

Small black bugs on plants are more than just a nuisance. Tiny black bugs like black aphids, thrips, and spider mites can damage plant leaves, affect their growth, and even kill your prized houseplants. Little black bugs injure plants by biting into the plant tissue and sucking on juices. And even though the bugs look like tiny black seeds, getting rid of them can be challenging.

White Bugs on Plants (Including Tiny Bugs): Pictures, Identification and Control

White Bugs On Plants

White bugs on plants can do tremendous damage to plant leaves, stems, roots, and flowers. Some small fuzzy white bugs bite into plant tissue, sucking plant juices and sap. You may notice other white insects that look like tiny whitish dots lurking under leaves. There are also white spider-like bugs that feed on sap from plants and cause leaves to turn yellow or brown.

The Best Flowering Plants For Front of House (Shrubs, Annual Flowers, Perennials) – With Pictures and Identification

Flowering Plants For Front of House

Many flowering plants are ideal for landscaping your front yard. Flowers for the front of the house provide instant curb appeal, making your garden landscape and home look beautiful. Plants that look spectacular in a front yard include flowering shrubs, perennial plants that come back every year, and colorful annual flowers.

Types of Cacti for Indoors and Outdoors (With Their Picture and Name) – Identification Guide

Types of Cacti

Many types of cactus plants are easy to grow and care for and can make great houseplants. There is a wide variety of cacti to choose from if you want to grow this type of plant. Cacti come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and some house cacti look stunning when they flower. Lots of different types of cacti also thrive outdoors where the climate is hot and dry. Some cactus species also thrive in tropical climates where they require a warm humid environment.

Cabbage Worms: Prevention, Control and Identification

Cabbage worms are common pests in the garden if you grow kale, cabbages, broccoli, or other Brassica vegetables. Getting rid of cabbage worms fast is vital to protect your crops from the damage these green larvae cause. Cabbage worm eradication usually requires integrated pest control methods to prevent cabbage moths from laying eggs that hatch into leaf-destroying caterpillars.

Squash Vine Borer: Identification, Damage, Prevention and Control (Pictures)

Squash Vine Borer

The squash vine borer is a white grub or larva which tunnels inside squash, pumpkin, and gourd plants, destroying the plant vines from the inside. The first sign of squash vine borer damage is wilting leaves on a Cucurbita plant. Unfortunately, when damage to squash plants is visible, it’s probably too late to save the infected plant. Preventing adult squash borers from laying eggs is the best way to prevent and control squash plant damage.

Squash Bug: Damage, Identification and Control (Pictures)

Squash bugs are destructive pests in gardens if you grow pumpkins, zucchini, squash plants, and other cucurbit plants. Squash bugs are small, flat-backed dark gray or brown insects with identifiable elongated oval bodies. Getting rid of squash bugs fast is vital to prevent them from destroying your crops. Natural squash bug control methods include hand picking, diatomaceous earth, and neem oil sprays.

Types of Weeds With Their Picture and Name – Identification Guide

Types of Weeds

Weeds in your garden can spoil the appearance of your lawn, shrubs, and flowering plants. Weeds are generally invasive plants that spread quickly and grow where you don’t want them. Getting rid of weeds fast is vital to prevent them from taking over your garden. Garden weeds that are left to grow can develop extensive roots that make getting rid of them for good very challenging.

Types of Lawn Weeds (With Their Picture and Name) – Identification and Control

Types of Lawn Weeds

Lawn weeds are pesky unwelcome plants that can destroy your lawn’s beautiful appearance. But getting a weed-free lawn can be challenging. Not all lawn weeds look alike. And some types of grassy weeds like crabgrass and nutsedge look like grass and are hard to identify. Other invasive broadleaf weeds in lawns can have purple or yellow flowers. Because stubborn weeds like creeping Charlie, dandelions, and oxalis have creeping roots, the unwanted plants can be hard to get rid of in a healthy lawn.