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Whiteflies on Plants: Effective Ways to Kill These Tiny White Flying Bugs

whiteflies on plants

Whiteflies are small flying insects that can quickly infest your garden plants and houseplants. Whiteflies rapidly cause damage to vegetables and plants by sucking juices from them. These white-winged bugs also damage plants by infecting them with disease and causing a sooty mold to grow on plant foliage.

Pineapple Plant: Complete Care and Growing Guide (With Pictures)

how to plant a pineapple

Pineapple plants can be easily grown just by planting the pineapple tops in soil. The pineapple top grows into a bushy plant. If you get growing conditions right, the pineapple plant flowers and a pineapple fruit eventually appears. Pineapples can grow in pots indoors, or if you live in warmer climates it can grow outdoors in your garden.

The 14 Most Beautiful Aquatic Flowers to Grow in Water

underwater flowers

Stunning aquatic flowers add color and beauty to ponds, aquariums, water gardens, or jarrariums. Flowering plants floating on the water’s surface are spectacular to look at. More than just having aesthetic value, aquatic flowering plants help to oxygenate water in aquariums and fishponds. Also, the leaves of aquatic flowers provide food and shelter for fish.

Clover Lawn: Benefits and How to Grow Clover Lawn

clover grass

Clover lawns are a low maintenance and eco-friendly alternative to regular grass lawns. Growing clover in a lawn has advantages because it requires less watering, fertilizing, and mowing. Rather than being a nuisance lawn weed, clover can help improve the look and function of your front or backyard lawn.

30 Foundation Plants: Excellent Landscaping Shrubs for Front of House (Pictures)

plants for front of house

The best foundation plants are low-growing, evergreen shrubs with fantastic curb appeal. Foundation plants are ideal for planting along the front of the house. Their short height and evergreen foliage can complement your garden landscape and enhance your home. The right foundation plants are also ideal for corner planting or entrance planting.

Homemade Potting Soil: 8 Easy DIY Potting Mix Recipes

DIY potting mix recipes

Homemade potting soil is very easy to make and cheaper than buying a commercial potting mix. By combing just a few ingredients, you can adjust DIY potting mix recipes for any of your potted plants. Homemade potting mix recipes can use peat moss, perlite, compost, sand, coco coir, or composted wood bark.

Tall Flowering Perennial Plants to Add Gorgeous Color (With Pictures)

Tall Flowering Perennial Plants

Tall flowering perennial plants add stunning splashes of color and vertical visual appeal in any garden. Tall, elegant plants that flower year after year are perfect for creating a dramatic landscape backdrop. Colorful spring, summer, and fall flowers on the end of tall stems also serve as tall accents in privacy fences. Because the easy-care plants flower annually, there is less work to make your backyard beautiful.

Podocarpus Plant: How to Grow for Podocarpus Hedge or Podocarpus Tree (Podocarpus Macrophyllus)

Podocarpus plant

Podocarpus plants are coniferous shrubs with dense evergreen foliage that make excellent lush, bushy low-maintenance hedges. The species Podocarpus macrophyllus also goes by the names fern pine, yew plum pine, and Buddhist pine. Although the Podocarpus plant is commonly called the Japanese yew, it’s not a true member of the Taxaceae family, which the yew belongs to.

Fast Growing Ground Cover Plants (With Pictures)

Ground cover plants that grow fast

Fast-growing ground cover plants are mat-forming, low-growing plants with vigorous growth. Some plants spread at an incredible rate and are ideal for covering large areas of bare soil or ground. Growing plants that spread fast over the ground also helps prevent soil erosion on slopes or hillsides and keep weeds under control. A benefit of fast-growing ground covers is that they don’t take much care to grow.

Clusia Plant: How to Care for Clusia Hedge (Clusia Rosea & Clusia Guttifera)

Clusia (Clusia guttifera) is an evergreen shrub that makes an excellent hedge or privacy screen. Clusia is a popular hedge shrub because of its dense foliage that is made up of evergreen oval, teardrop-shaped leaves. This shrub is resistant to drought, hot sun, and salt. It is also an ideal privacy screen because of its low maintenance and fast growing nature.