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Red Flowering Shrubs (With Pictures) – Identification and Planting Guide

Red Flowering Shrubs

Red flowering shrubs are excellent landscaping plants for adding bright, vibrant, and dramatic colors to your yard. Shrubs with red blooms can range in color from shades of deep, wine-red and burgundy to dark pink, crimson, and light coral. The hues of reds from flowering shrubs help create beautiful, colorful landscape designs. 

Purple Leaf Plants (Including Plants with Purple and Green Leaves) – With Pictures

Purple Leaf Plants

Purple leaf plants are ideal for adding plenty of color to your garden landscape or interior living space. Purple-leafed plants can be eye-catching shrubs, trailing plants, leafy perennials, purple succulents and annuals with dark-colored, dramatic foliage. In addition, plants with purple leaves stand out well with brightly colored flowers and add stunning contrast to green-leafed plants.

Full Sun Flowering Plants (Annuals, Perennials, Shrubs) – Pictures and Identification

Full Sun Flowering Plants

Choosing flowering plants for full sun can be challenging. Full sun flowering annuals, perennials, and shrubs must tolerate at least six to eight hours of sunlight daily. Additionally, sun-loving plants should be drought-tolerant and survive on minimal watering, despite growing in direct sunlight. Growing sunshine-tolerant flowering plants is ideal for sunny borders, south-facing exposures, and container gardens in full sun. 

Tropical Florida Plants (Flowers, Shrubs, Trees) – Pictures and Identification

Tropical Florida Plants

Tropical plants are the perfect addition to brighten up a Florida landscape. However, for plants to flourish in Florida’s tropical climate, they need to withstand the hot, humid, and coastal air in the southeastern United States. In addition, the diversity of climate between North Florida and South Florida can make it challenging to find plants that thrive throughout the entire Sunshine State. 

The Best Foundation Plants For Front of House (Pictures) – Identification Guide

Foundation plants for the front of house can create a terrific impression of your property. Front-of-house flowers, shrubs, and evergreen bushes help blur the line between your yard and home and add fantastic curb appeal. Foundation planting helps transform the appearance of your front yard by adding greenery, a pop of bright colors, and floral aromas. 

The Best Types of Grass For Florida Lawns (With Pictures) – Identification and Care Guide

Best Florida Grass

Choosing the right type of grass for your Florida lawn ensures that lush, green turfgrass thrives in your yard throughout the year. Different types of grass are suitable for the various growing zones in Florida. And with a constant supply of heat and humidity in the Sunshine State, finding the right grass for your lawn can be challenging.

The Best Florida Shade Plants – Pictures and Identification Guide

Best Florida Shade Plants

Knowing the best shade plants for Florida is vital for growing a beautiful garden landscape. Florida’s long, hot summer days and humid climate mean that many plants struggle in direct sunshine. Also, not all flowering ornamentals, perennials, bushes, shrubs, and ground cover plants thrive in shaded conditions. Therefore, finding the best Florida shade plants can help transform your front or backyard.

Green Bugs on Plants (Pictures) – Identification and How To Get Rid of Them

Green Bugs on Plants

Identifying green bugs on plants is key to preventing pests from destroying your houseplants, or outdoor plants. Small green bugs such as aphids can suck plant sap from stems or leaves, causing plants to wither and die. Other bugs with green bodies like Japanese beetles, stink bugs, or green weevils can destroy plant foliage and roots. However, some green bugs like lacewings are beneficial insects that feed on harmful plant pests.

Small Black Bugs on Plants (Including Tiny Bugs) – Pictures, Identification and Control

Small Black Bugs on Plants

Small black bugs on plants are more than just a nuisance. Tiny black bugs like black aphids, thrips, and spider mites can damage plant leaves, affect their growth, and even kill your prized houseplants. Little black bugs injure plants by biting into the plant tissue and sucking on juices. And even though the bugs look like tiny black seeds, getting rid of them can be challenging.

White Bugs on Plants (Including Tiny Bugs): Pictures, Identification and Control

White Bugs On Plants

White bugs on plants can do tremendous damage to plant leaves, stems, roots, and flowers. Some small fuzzy white bugs bite into plant tissue, sucking plant juices and sap. You may notice other white insects that look like tiny whitish dots lurking under leaves. There are also white spider-like bugs that feed on sap from plants and cause leaves to turn yellow or brown.