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Types of Ivy: Different Types of Ivy Plants for Outdoors and Indoors (With Pictures)

Different Types of Ivy Plants

Ivy is a group of leafy plants that grow as vines climbing up structures or as creeping plants that provide ground cover. Ivies are fast-growing plants that grow just as well outdoors as they do indoors. You can plant many types of ivies to climb up walls, trellises, cover arbors, or any other structure in your garden. As an indoor houseplant, ivies can provide lush green trailing foliage in any room.

How to Get Rid Of Aphids: Top 10 Super Clever Natural Ways to Control Aphids

How to Get Rid Of Aphids: The Best Super Clever Natural Ways

Aphids are a common pest on many plants. These pesky pear-shaped insects feed from the sap of plants, and large numbers can cause huge damage to plants. In this article I am going to share with you all the information on how to get rid of aphids and how to identify them.  This article also includes a special section on how to get rid of aphids from your roses.

Drought Tolerant Plants That Don’t Need Water (Or Very Little Water)

Drought Tolerant Plants

Drought tolerant plants are ideal for keeping your yard looking green and colorful even in dry, arid climates. Many plants don’t need a lot of water and can even thrive on neglect. You can find aesthetic low-water plants that are excellent for ornamental gardens, rock gardens, or as flowering border or landscape plants. If you are the forgetful type, then you can look for indoor plants that need little water and care.

Dwarf Citrus: Caring for Dwarf Lemon, Orange, Lime, and More Trees

Growing dwarf citrus trees is an excellent option to have lemons, limes, oranges, and grapefruits where space is limited. Many varieties of small citrus trees are small enough to grow in containers. One of the most popular indoor citrus fruits is a lemon tree. But you can also grow miniature orange or lime trees in a bright, sunny location. If you live in warm climates, dwarf citrus trees are perfect for a small backyard or colorful garden landscape.

Types of Forests (Forest Biome): Temperate, Tropical, Boreal, and More

Forest Biome

Tropical, temperate, and boreal forests around the world play an important role in the earth’s ecosystem. Forests are land areas that contain many trees and they have their own ecosystem called a biome. It is estimated that forests cover about 30% of the earth’s total land area. These dense woodlands can include evergreen conifers, broad-leafed deciduous trees, or a mixture of these tree types.

Money Plant (Jade Plant or Jade Tree): Care, Types, and Tips For Growing Crassula Ovata

The money plant is the common name for a species of jade plant called Crassula ovata. This type of jade plant is named money plant because according to the Chinese Feng Shui it brings good luck, wealth, prosperity, and good fortune. This miniature tree like jade plant is a popular houseplant because it is very easy to care for.

Unusual, Cool and Unique Plants With Weird Flowers (Including Pictures)

Unusual, Cool and Unique Plants With Pictures

Many types of flowering plants have their own beauty, but some plants are so unusual and unique that they grab attention. Examples of cool plants that would surprise you include black bat flowers, various orchids, bleeding hearts, and hot lips. Growing some of these interesting plants will create a great talking piece in your garden or home.

Types of Plants: Different Kinds of Plants and Their Classification 

groups of Plants

There are different types of plants all around us, and most of us recognize many kinds of plants that flower, grow in our gardens, or that we can eat. There is a vast range in the types of plants that grow in the world. Plants such as algae, moss, and ferns are examples of flowerless plants that thrive in damp and wet conditions. Other kinds of plants such as flowering plants and trees grow in all sorts of conditions and are essential for living.

Types of Ferns: Varieties of Indoors and Outdoors Fern Plants (Including Name and Picture)

Indoors and outdoors fern plants

There are many types of ferns that you can grow indoors as houseplants or outdoors in your garden. Many indoor fern varieties are easy to grow and care for. Ferns are a great type of leafy plant and their green leaves can add beauty to any room as well as help to clean the air. Ferns planted outdoors are great for ground cover in the right conditions.

Types of Ginger Root and Ornamental Ginger Plants (Including Pictures)

Types of Ginger Root and Ornamental Ginger Plants

Most people think of ginger as an edible spicy root but ginger is also a beautiful type of ornamental flowering plant. Ginger flowers come in various colors, shapes, and sizes. Some types of ornamental ginger plants have red, pink, yellow, white, or orange flowers. Flowering ginger plants can look like shells, clusters of flowers in the shape of cones, or like small lily flowers.