Monkey Grass (Liriope): Plant Care and Growing Guide

Monkey grass is a low-growing, easy-care evergreen grass-like plant that is ideal for ground cover or turfgrass replacement. Also called lilyturf, monkey grass is easy to plant, survives drought, and is useful to decorate garden landscapes. You can plant monkey grass as edging plants, perennial flowering border grass, lawn substitute, shade-loving plant for under shrubs, or prevent soil erosion.

How to Kill Red Spider Mites On Plants: Identification, Treatment and Prevention of Spider Mite Damage

Kill Red Spider Mites On Plants

Red spider mites are tiny destructive pests that can infest indoor and outdoor plants. Red spider mites cause plant damage by spinning webs on plant foliage, feeding on plant tissue, and sucking plant sap. The tiny red pests are difficult to spot under leaves. Telltale signs of red spider mites are yellow or brown spots on leaves, webbing, and weak plant growth.

Flowering Dogwood Trees and Shrubs: Types, Leaves, Bark – Identification (With Pictures)

Dogwood Trees

Dogwoods are beautiful flowering deciduous trees and shrubs with distinctive flowers, berries, bark, and leaves. Most species of dogwood are fast-growing ornamental trees that are ideal for garden landscapes. Some types of dogwoods look like shrubs as they are small shrubby multi-stemmed plants. Flowering dogwood trees thrive in full sun and provide year-long interest in residential gardens.

Types of Mondo Grass: Dwarf, Black, Green – With Care Guide and Pictures

mondo grass

Mondo grass (Ophiopogon) is a robust, low-growing leafy plant that is an excellent substitute for turfgrass. The benefits of planting mondo grass are that it’s low-maintenance, grows in the shade, doesn’t take over gardens, and stays green all year long. The other varieties of mondo grass include black mondo grass, dwarf mondo grass, and variegated mondo grass.

Types of Cherry Trees with Their Leaves and Flowers – Identification Guide (Pictures)

Cherry trees (Prunus) are spectacular flowering fruit trees that bloom in spring. There are hundreds of varieties of cherry trees—some produce delicious cherry fruits, whereas others are ornamental cherry blossom trees. Cherry trees have beautiful whitish-pink blossoms covering bare branches in spring. Cherry trees have glossy green oval leaves with pointed tips and serrated edges.

Calathea Makoyana (Calathea Peacock Plant): Care and Growing Guide

Calathea Makoyana (Calathea Peacock Plant)

Calathea Makoyana (also called peacock plant) is a spectacular houseplant that has glossy green, broad, oval leaves with dark green oblong blotches. The undersides of the calathea peacock leaves are a pinkish-red color with similar blotchy patterns. Calathea Makoyana is an easy plant to care for and grow well indoors.

Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer: How to Use it to Grow Fruit and Vegetables

calcium nitrate fertilizer

Calcium nitrate fertilizer is a water-soluble source of calcium and nitrogen for growing plants. Also called Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN), this fertilizer contains the essential nutrients that help plants grow well. Plants that get the appropriate amount of nitrogen and calcium produce better fruit and are also more resistant to pests and disease. You can apply calcium nitrate as a foliar spray or soil fertilizer.

Types of Cherry Blossom Trees (With Japanese Cherry Blossom Pictures)

Cherry Blossom Trees

Cherry blossom trees are ornamental deciduous trees that produce masses of stunning white or pink flowers in spring. Flowering cherry trees are ideal for planting in sunny garden landscapes to add spring color to your yard. Growing cherry blossom trees is easy as they require minimal care and reward you with spectacular blossoms.

Dwarf Weeping Cherry Trees – Including Care Guide (With Pictures)

Dwarf Weeping Cherry Trees

Dwarf weeping cherry trees are beautiful deciduous flowering trees, ideal for compact garden landscapes. When cherry trees blossom in spring, these small weeping trees produce masses of pinkish-white flowers that cover the drooping branches. With their short stature and cascading spring blossoms, weeping cherry blossom trees are a spectacular addition to your front or backyard.

Thrips on Plants: Effective Ways to Get Rid of Thrips

Effective Ways to Get Rid of Thrips on Plants

Thrips are tiny, winged insects that do tremendous damage to plants. These common pests feed on the sap and juices of houseplants, garden plants, and greenhouse crops. Thrip infestations can damage plants so much that leaves lose color, and plants eventually die. Thrips are challenging to get rid of. Their pupae lurk in the soil before emerging to feed on plants.