Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia) Care: How to Grow Bird of Paradise Plant Indoors (With Pictures)

bird of paradise plant indoor

The Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia) is a stunning exotic tropical plant with distinct flowers and leaves like a banana plant. Bird of paradise flowers look like the head of a crane or birds from the family Paradisaeidae—commonly called “birds-of-paradise.” Although this is a tropical flowering plant, birds of paradise can grow in pots indoors. Bird of paradise flowers can be orange, yellow, or white with hints of blue.

Majesty (Ravenea) Palm Care: How to Grow Ravenea Plant Indoors

majestic palm

Majesty palm (Ravenea rivularis), or the majestic palm, is an elegant tropical palm tree plant with large feathery fronds that can grace any home. When grown indoors, containers limit the size of the Ravenea rivularis (majestic palm). As a houseplant, majesty palms can grow in most bright locations. You can also grow a potted majesty palm outdoors if you live in warm climates.

Palm Plant Care: How to Grow Indoor Palm Trees as Houseplants

caring for houseplant Palm Trees

Indoor palm plants are an excellent addition to add a touch of the tropics to any interior décor. Most indoor palm trees or small potted plants are easy to care for. Their two essential care requirements are plenty of bright, indirect light and moist soil. If you get these conditions right, palm plants can thrive indoors for many years.

Types of Ivy: Different Types of Ivy Plants for Outdoors and Indoors (With Pictures)

Different Types of Ivy Plants

Ivy is a group of leafy plants that grow as vines climbing up structures or as creeping plants that provide ground cover. Ivies are fast-growing plants that grow just as well outdoors as they do indoors. You can plant many types of ivies to climb up walls, trellises, cover arbors, or any other structure in your garden. As an indoor houseplant, ivies can provide lush green trailing foliage in any room.

Indoor Palm Plants: Types and Care – Types of Indoor Palm Trees to Grow as Houseplants (With Pictures)

potted palm plants

Indoor palm plants are excellent for bringing some of the tropics into your home. Most types of palm houseplants have arching fronds with thin pointed leaflets on each stem. Growing indoor palms can improve the aesthetics of any room in your house or office. Even though they have some specific care requirements, growing palms indoors in attractive pots is relatively straightforward.

Types of Palm Trees with Identification Guide (Pictures, and Name): Small, Dwarf, and Tall Palm Tree Varieties

Palm trees are synonymous with tropical beaches, warm sunny climates, and beautiful landscaped gardens. Palms are recognized by their fan-shaped or feather-like fronds (leaves) and fiber-covered trunks or stems. Most types of palms such as date palms and coconut palms grow in warm countries. However, some species of palms are tolerant of temperate climates and cold temperatures. Some varieties of palm trees can also grow indoors as houseplants.

Areca Palm Care: Complete Guide to Growing Areca Palm Tree Indoors

areca palm tree

The areca palm (Dypsis lutescens) is an ornamental tropical palm with long, arching fronds and a bushy appearance. Also called the butterfly palm, golden cane palm, or yellow palm, this is a popular indoor palm tree. Compared to other indoor palm plants, the areca palm is relatively easy to care for. Plenty of light and humidity will keep your areca palm looking healthy and prevent brown tips from appearing.

How to Get Rid Of Aphids: Top 10 Super Clever Natural Ways to Control Aphids

How to Get Rid Of Aphids: The Best Super Clever Natural Ways

Aphids are a common pest on many plants. These pesky pear-shaped insects feed from the sap of plants, and large numbers can cause huge damage to plants. In this article I am going to share with you all the information on how to get rid of aphids and how to identify them.  This article also includes a special section on how to get rid of aphids from your roses.

Begonia Maculata Care: How to Grow Polka Dot Begonia (Wightii)

begonia maculata

Begonia maculata is also called the polka dot begonia due to its silver-spotted leaves. The silvery spots on the dark, olive-green angel wing-shaped leaves create striking foliage. This eye-catching houseplant is relatively easy to care for indoors. The spotted begonia—also called ‘Wightii’—must be one of the most dramatic indoor plants you can grow.

The Best Shower Plants to Keep in Your Bathroom (Low Light, No Light) – With Pictures

shower plants

The best shower plants for your bathroom are houseplants that thrive in low-light and very humid conditions. Many indoor plants grow well in bathrooms where they can improve aesthetics and create a natural, almost tropical environment. Most bathrooms usually have less light than standard rooms—some bathrooms may even be windowless. Filtered sunlight or artificial light and steam from the shower create a unique growing environment for many “bathroom plants.”