31 Perennial Flowers with Pictures and Names

Perennial Flowers with Pictures and Names

Perennial flowers are ideal for adding color and long-lasting beauty to your garden landscape. Flowering perennial plants return year after year, making them ideal for low-maintenance gardening. The flowers, bulbs, and shrubs transform outdoor spaces into vibrant, colorful front and backyards. 

55 Purple Perennial Flowers That Are Easy to Grow

Purple Perennials

Flowering purple perennial plants add wonderful shades of lilac, violet, blue, and lavender to your garden. Purple perennial flowers vary in size from beautiful large blooms on a phlox to delicate violet petals on irises. Planting purple flowers is also a great way of attracting pollinating insects as the various purple shades attract bees and butterflies.

28 Dwarf Magnolia Trees That Are Perfect for Small Gardens

Dwarf Magnolia Trees for Your Garden

Dwarf magnolia trees add a touch of elegance and beauty to garden landscapes. The stunning flowering trees reach a maximum height of 20 feet (6 m) and have captivating blooms. The large, fragrant flowers and glossy green leaves fill yards with sweet floral aromas and lush foliage. Thanks to their compact size, dwarf magnolias are ideal landscaping trees for small yards or container gardening.

45 Flowering Trees for California: Identification Guide with Pictures

Flowering Trees in California identification

Flowering trees in California make a stunning aesthetic addition to any southwestern garden. Many native trees thrive in the warm climates of California. Flowering tropical deciduous and evergreen trees enhance garden landscapes with colorful blooms, lush foliage, and sweet scents all year round. Additionally, tall trees with flowers make excellent shade sources in the Golden State.

50 Fast Growing Trees (With Pictures) – Identification Guide

Fast Growing Trees (With Pictures) - Identification Guide

Fast-growing trees for your garden landscape are ideal for shade and privacy. Planting trees with a fast growth rate means they reach their mature height in a relatively short time. This gives you the opportunity to achieve your landscaping goals sooner. Additionally, fast-growing evergreen trees have the advantage of offering privacy throughout the year.

15 Types of Bushy and Shrub-Like Palm Trees

Types of Bushy and Shrub-Like Palm Trees

Bushy and shrub-like palm trees are excellent for landscaping gardens. Compact palm shrubs with bushy fronds add lush evergreen foliage and a tropical charm to gardens. These small palm trees require minimal maintenance, offer shade, and thrive in various climates. You can use them to create a vibrant and inviting space, making them excellent for tropical aesthetic appeal and landscaping practicality.

37 Plants That Thrive Under Trees: Flowers, Shrubs, Ground Covers, and Bulbs

What to Plant Under Trees: Flowers, Shrubs, Ground Covers, and Bulbs

Choosing the right plants to grow under trees can be challenging. Plants growing around trees must compete for nutrients and moisture. Flowers, shrubs, and bulbs also must grow without much sunlight, tolerating constant shade from the tree’s canopy. However, there are plenty of flowers, shrubs, ground covers, and bulbs to fill empty, barren spaces under trees.

The Best 18 Plants That Thrive Under Evergreen Trees

The Best Plants to Grow Under Evergreen Trees

Growing plants under evergreen trees can be challenging due to the shade and dry ground. In addition, if you are planting under a coniferous tree like pine, you’ll also have acidic soil. Many types of evergreen trees have shallow roots that absorb nutrients and moisture from the shaded root zone. Therefore, various shrubs, perennials, ornamental grasses, and ground cover plants may struggle to grow under evergreen trees.

37 Types of Striped Caterpillars with Pictures – Identification Guide

Striped Caterpillars with Pictures - Identification Guide

Caterpillars are larvae in the class Insecta that turn into beautiful moths or butterflies. Striped caterpillars are some of the most striking caterpillars you will find in your garden or in the wild. Different species of caterpillars with stripes can be identified by their vibrant colors, hairiness, number of spines, or size. Some of the most interesting striped caterpillars have black, white, and yellow stripes and long horns.

15 Types of Butterfly Caterpillars and What They Become (With Pictures)

Butterfly Caterpillars Identification

Caterpillars that turn into butterflies are colorful worm-like crawling insects in all shapes and sizes. Butterfly caterpillars typically have a smooth body, and some exotic-looking caterpillars may have a spiny appearance. In addition, butterfly larvae or caterpillars can be green, brown, black or yellow and have identifiable stripes, patterns, and other recognizable features.