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Kentucky Coffee Tree (Gymnocladus Dioicus): Pods, Bark, Leaves, Identification and Care (Pictures)

The Kentucky coffee tree (also spelled coffeetree) is an attractive medium-sized deciduous tree with pinnate green leaves, greenish-white flowers, and large reddish-brown seed pods. Native to the Midwest, the Kentucky coffee tree is identified by its irregular oval crown with open branches that provide partial shade. Additionally, scaly gray-brown furrowed bark and reddish-brown twigs help identify the tree in winter.

Zelkova Trees: Types, Leaves, Bark (Pictures) – Identification

The zelkova tree is a tall ornamental shade tree with a spreading, rounded or vase-shaped crown, attractive gray peeling bark, and large ovate leaves with serrated margins. The broadleaf deciduous zelkova tree produces clusters of non-showy yellowish-green flowers in spring. After blooming, the zelkova tree has small green drupes that mature to brown in the fall.

Tabebuia Tree: Types, Leaves, Flowers (with Pictures) – Identification

Tabebuia Tree (trumpet tree)

Tabebuia tree, also called the trumpet tree, is a spectacular showy flowering tree with pink, light purple, or bright yellow flowers. Tabebuia trees thrive in hot climates where the deciduous trees add color, strong fragrance, and beauty to garden landscapes. The small to medium-sized trees are easy to grow in full sun as an ornamental tree or shade tree, and they grow well in containers.

Flowering Trees In Florida (Native and Non-Native) – with Pictures, Names and Identification

Flowering Trees In Florida

Flowering trees in Florida are beautiful additions to any southern garden landscape. Many flowering tropical deciduous and evergreen trees are well suited to Florida’s climate. Small trees can bloom throughout the year in the Sunshine State, adding color, fragrance, and visual appeal to your garden. Tall flowering trees are excellent for providing shade in Florida’s warm, humid climate. Whether you live in the north on the Gulf Coast of Florida or in the south near the Florida Keys, there are magnificent flowering trees for your southern landscape.

Lilac Tree: Care and Growing Guide (with Pictures)

Lilac Tree: Care and Growing Guide

Growing a lilac tree in your garden is surprisingly easy with the proper care and techniques. Lilac is a large multi-stemmed deciduous tree or shrub with conical clusters of fragrant pink, white, or purple flowers. Lilac trees bloom in late spring, and the blooms last for up to four weeks. Their large heart-shaped leaves and dense foliage can provide an ideal privacy fence. Lilac trees are also relatively easy to care for once established in the landscape.

Orchid Tree (Bauhinia): Purple, Pink, White and Hong Kong Orchid Trees

Orchid Tree (Bauhinia)

The orchid tree is a small, flowering, multi-stemmed tropical tree with beautiful pink, red, orange, yellow, white, or purple flowers resembling flowers growing on orchid plants. In addition, orchid trees have distinctive leathery, double-lobed green leaves that resemble the print of a cow’s hoof. Some species of orchid trees are evergreen trees. Still, others are deciduous trees that drop their leaves during the dry season or in winter.

Redwood Trees: Types, Facts and Identification (With Pictures)

Redwood trees are the largest and tallest trees on the planet. Redwoods are famous for their towering stature, with the tallest trees reaching 360 ft. (110 m) tall—the same height as a 35-story skyscraper. As a coniferous evergreen tree, redwoods produce seed-bearing cones, green needle leaves, and tiny yellowish-brown flowers. Redwood bark is fibrous with furrows and can be up to 3 ft. (1 m) thick at the base of long columnar trunks.

Chestnut Trees: Types, Leaves, Fruit – American, European and More (Pictures) – Identification

Chestnut trees are large deciduous trees with large, pointed leaves, long, finger-like flower clusters, and brown edible nuts. Chestnuts are easily identifiable due to the spiky burs growing in clusters and containing the fruit—a brown-shelled nut encasing creamy-white flesh. Chestnut trees have a straight, broad trunk with deeply furrowed bark and a large spreading rounded canopy.

Holly Trees and Bushes: Types, Leaves, Flower, Berries (Pictures) – Identification Guide

Holly Trees and Bushes

Holly trees and bushes are large shrubs or trees, many of which have thick, glossy, spiky leaves, small white flowers, and yellow, orange, black, or red berries. Although most species of hollies are evergreen plants, there are some deciduous holly bushes that drop their leaves in winter. The most common holly species are the American holly (Ilex opaca) and the English holly (Ilex aquifolium). Both of these evergreen holly trees are famous for their shiny, jagged leaves and winter red berries.

Ginkgo Tree: Leaves, Bark, Flower, Fruit (Pictures) – Identification

Ginkgo Tree

Ginkgo biloba tree is a spectacular deciduous ornamental tree with large fan-shaped leaves that turn a stunning buttery-yellow color in the fall. The unusual ginkgo tree leaves create dense foliage and form a pyramidal crown on this tall, elegant shade tree. Also called the maidenhair tree, the ginkgo tree thrives in loamy, well-drained soil, full sun to partial shade, and in growing zones 3 to 9.