Types of Colorful Petunia Flowers: Purple, Black, Red, White, Yellow (Pictures) 

Types of Petunia Flowers

Petunia flowers are some of the most colorful flowering plants to grow in garden landscapes, hanging baskets, borders, containers, and window boxes. They are so popular because all varieties of petunias are prolific bloomers with solid, striped, speckled, and veined colors. With their trumpet-shaped showy single or double blooms, petunias come in colors and shades such as purple, lilac, red, pink, yellow and white. There is even a stunning type of black petunia.

Most varieties of petunias are hybrids, and they are classified by their flowers. Wave petunias are extremely popular due to their spreading nature. Traditional grandiflora petunias have large colorful funnel-like flowers. And Surfinia petunias are popular for hanging basket flowers due to their floral trailing, dangling stems.

Petunias are tender perennials that are treated as annuals in most regions. The fast-growing bushy petunia plants quickly cover bare ground, beautify flower beds or borders, or fill hanging baskets with their mounding growth and cascading flowers. Growing petunias is straightforward as they only need plenty of sun and moisture to bloom profusely throughout summer.

There are around 20 species of petunias along with hundreds of petunia varieties, hybrids, and cultivars, each with unique patterns and colors. The mounding or cascading flowering plants are native to South America, and they thrive in USDA zones 10 and 11.

This article is a guide to some of the most spectacular petunia hybrids and cultivars that you can grow in your garden, hanging basket, window box, or patio container.

Petunia Colors

Petunia colors

Petunia flowers come in a wide variety of colors

Petunias are prized for their showy, funnel-shaped colorful flowers. The primary colors of petunias are purple, red, pink, yellow, white, and shades of blue. Some striking petunias have vibrant red, blue, or purple colors. Other types of petunias are pale pastel hues in light pink, lilac, or yellow. However, the single or double petunia blooms can also be in subtle shades of any color.

For an outstanding floral display, striped and veined petunia flowers provide dramatic contrasting colors.

The most stunning petunia colors are the dark-flower varieties. For example, the black petunia ‘Black Velvet’ has trumpet flowers that look velvety black. Also, purple petunias can be in deep shades of violet, indigo, and dark purple.

Petunia Flowers

Petunia Colors

Petunia flowers add summer color to your garden, patio, balcony or container garden

Petunia flowers are popular bedding, container, and hanging basket plants. The trumpet-shaped flowers bloom en mass on stems, creating cascading mounds of color. The dramatic funnel flowers typically have dark centers, creating an even more dramatic effect in garden landscapes.

Some petunia species, such as multiflora, produce hardy flowers that endure wet and hot weather. Miliflora petunias have the smallest flowers. Whatever type of petunia you plant, you are assured of beautiful blooms to add color to your garden landscape throughout the growing season.

The largest petunia flowers—grandiflora petunias—have flowers 3” to 5” (7.5 – 12 cm) across. Spreading petunias such as wave petunias produce flowers 3” (7.5 cm) wide. Small milliflora petunia flowers can be as tiny as 0.5” to 1.5” (1.2 – 4 cm) across.

Petunia Blooming Time

Petunia flowers bloom from late spring throughout summer until the first frost. Some petunia varieties, such as grandiflora petunias, require deadheading to extend the blooming season. Other newer cultivars and hybrids, such as wave petunias, bloom continuously without having to pinch dead flower heads.

Petunias are the easiest and fastest flowers to grow from seed, taking six to ten weeks from planting seedlings to producing flowers.

To ensure masses of petunia flowers bloom vigorously, plant the annuals in full sun, well-draining soil, and water regularly to keep the soil moist. If you notice that the petunias don’t bloom so well, place the plant in more sunlight or deadhead old flowers.

Types of Petunia Flowers

Petunias are classified by the type of flowers. Depending on the variety, petunias can grow between 6” and 18” (15 – 45 cm) tall and spread between 18” and 4 ft. (45 – 1.2 m) wide. Here are the main types of petunias you can find:

Grandiflora petunias produce the largest flowers and are popular annuals for growing in hanging baskets, window boxes, or containers. Funnel-shaped grandiflora petunia flowers grow up to 5” (12 cm) across and have wavy petals.

Wave petunias are a popular type of spreading petunia with large 4-inch (10 cm) colorful flowers growing on stems that spread up to 4 ft. (1.2 m) wide.

wave petunia

Wave petunia

Multiflora petunias are hardy flowering annuals that produce masses of single and double blooms in vibrant colors and subtle pastel shades. These petunia plants are ideal as bedding or mixed border plants.

Floribunda petunias produce large trumpet flowers that bloom freely on cascading stems. These petunias are ideal for growing in flower beds or hanging baskets.

Cascadia and surfinia petunias are the two most popular petunia varieties for hanging baskets. The trumpet flowers have pronounced veining contrasting with the unusual flower colors and shades.

surfinia petunias

Surfinia petunias

Milliflora petunias have small flowers that cover stems and bloom for the whole season.

Supertunia petunias bloom continuously and are vigorous spreading plants. The large papery flowers grow in a range of pastel and bright colors. Some of the most spectacular Supertunia petunia flowers are varieties with striped or speckled flowers.

Supertunia petunia

Supertunia petunia ‘Lavender Morn’ (left) and ‘Royal Velvet’ (right)

Types of Purple Petunia Flowers

Purple petunias are some of the most popular purple flowers for hanging baskets and mixed beds. Purple petunia flowers can be in dark purple that looks almost black or lighter pastel shades of lilac, mauve, or violet. The most spectacular purple petunias are the veined varieties with pale lilac petals and dark purple veins.

Here are some of the best examples of purple petunia flowers:

Night Sky Petunia

Night Sky Petunia

‘Night Sky’ petunia

Also called the starry night petunia or galaxy petunia, the night sky petunia has deep purple flowers that have speckles of white color, creating the appearance of stars in the night sky. The sparkles on this stunning petunia flower cultivar change with the outdoor temperatures.

Purple Wave Petunia

Purple wave petunia

Purple wave petunia

The purple wave petunia flower is a perfect plant for hanging baskets. The purple wave petunia has intensely-colored purple trumpet-like flowers that look spectacular hanging from pergolas. As a variety of spreading petunia, the dark purple or mauve flowers are ideal for ground cover in full sun.

Sugar Daddy Purple Petunia

Sugar Daddy Purple Petunia

‘Sugar Daddy’ purple petunia

Bright purple flowers and dramatic veining patterns are the highlights of the ‘Sugar Daddy’ petunia. The large 5-inch (12 cm) purple flowers create a beautiful cascading effect from hanging baskets, tall containers, or over walls.

Petunia Prism Purple Vein

Petunia Prism Purple Vein

Petunia Prism purple vein

The popular petunia prism purple vein flowers have a dark purple center and stunning dark purple, almost black veins contrasting with lighter colored purple petals. The early-blooming petunia prism purple vein is an ideal plant for planters, mixed containers, and window boxes.

Petunia Grandiflora Supercascade Lilac

Petunia Grandiflora Supercascade Lilac

Petunia Grandiflora Supercascade Lilac

The large-leafed Supercascade petunia has beautiful lilac or light purple pastel ruffled flowers with a yellow center. The bright purple flowers are ideal for hanging baskets and protected from the rain, which may damage the flowers.

Here are some more examples of purple petunias:

  • Purple Pirouette—Spectacular ruffled double blooms that are deep purple and white that look like Dianthus flowers.
Purple Pirouette petunia

‘Purple Pirouette’ petunia

  • Mambo Purple—A variety of multiflora petunia with deep purple flowers in a vibrant solid color.
  • Potunia Purple Halo—Densely growing flowers with rich grape-colored purple centers that gently fade to a white ring around the margins.
  • Supertunia Lavender Skies—A trailing petunia with solid lavender petals. The vigorous purple flowering stems are ideal for spillers and fillers.

Types of Black Petunia Flowers

Black flowers are rare in gardens. There is a fascinating type of black petunia with petals that look pitch black. Like all plants with black flowers, the jet-black petals create a stunning contrast with light green foliage.

Black Velvet Petunia

Black Velvet petunia

‘Black Velvet’ petunia

The ‘Black Velvet’ petunia has velvety black petals forming a black trumpet-shaped flower. The black petunia flowers grow on upright stems, and there is a subtle yellow stamen in the center. Deadhead the flowers regularly to keep the black flowers blooming throughout the season until frost.

Types of White Petunia Flowers

White petunias are romantic, graceful flowers that brighten up patios, deck areas, or balconies in hanging baskets or containers. Many trailing white petunias also look spectacular cascading over walls or fences. You can choose from white petunias that are “pure white” or many varieties with hints of yellow or pink to add interest.

Here are some of the best examples of white petunia flowers:

Petunia Prism Sunshine

Petunia Prism Sunshine

Petunia ‘Prism Sunshine’

White petunia flowers with hints of yellow and green are the main feature of the petunia prism sunshine. The large trumpet flowers have white petals with green veining and golden yellow centers. Ideal as bedding plants or container flowers.

Petunia Blanket Double White

Petunia Blanket Double White

Petunia Blanket Double White

The petunia Blanket ‘Double White’ has outstanding ruffled double blooms with wavy edges. The ball-like white petunia flowers create an eye-catching floral display growing en mass against the dark green foliage.

Here are some more examples of white petunias:

  • Easy Wave White—Pure white trumpet flowers growing in spreading mounds or trailing from hanging baskets.
Easy Wave White petunia

Easy Wave white petunia

  • Damask White—Snow-white funnel flowers with a slightly green-colored center.
  • Shock Wave Coconut—A mounding petunia that grows masses of pure white small petunia flowers. Ideal as ground cover or in mixed containers.
  • Limbo GP White—Dainty white flowers grace this low-growing petunia, and its dwarf growth habit creates a mat of white blooms as it spreads.
  • Carpet Buttercream—Creamy white showy petunia flowers with pronounced green veins between the fused petals.

Types of Pink Petunia Flowers

Pink petunias have some of the largest varieties of colorful flowers for your garden landscape. Some outstanding pink petunias are trumpet-shaped flowers with pink petals and yellow or white veins and centers. Because there are so many shades of pink flowers to choose from, you will find pink petunias for mixed borders, hanging baskets, window boxes, and container gardens.

Here are some of the best examples of pink petunia flowers:

Pink Sky Petunia 

Petunia Pink Sky

Petunia ‘Pink Sky’

‘Pink Sky’ petunias have gorgeous mounds of pink trumpet flowers with white speckling. The dramatic white and pink flower colors and masses or large funnel-shaped flowers make this cultivar a popular container, window box, and mixed bedding plant.

Double Cascade Pink Petunia

Double Cascade petunia

Double cascade pink petunia

The large grandiflora pink petunia flowers are ruffled double flowers that look like carnations and grow up to 4” (10 cm) wide. The showy double cascade petunia flowers have many colors, including light pink, deep red, purple, and lilac.

Petunia Tidal Wave Silver

Petunia Tidal Wave Silver

Petunia Tidal Wave Silver

‘Tidal Wave Silver’ from the Wave collection of petunias has light pinkish-lavender flowers with remarkable dark purple veins. The center of the flowers is dark which adds to the flower’s dramatic look. These spreading pink petunias are perfect for hanging baskets or cascading over walls.

Here are more examples of pink petunia flowers:

  • Easy Wave Pink Passion—One of the most popular spreading annuals, the ‘Pink Passion’ has bright hot pink flowers with dark pink centers and veins.
  • Carpet Pink Morn—Light pink trumpet flowers with white centers and a greenish-yellow throat.
  • Carpet Pink—Heat-resistant, compact pink flowers growing on a spreading petunia plant.

Types of Red Petunia Flowers

Red petunias produce some of the most striking and vibrant flowers in a landscape. From deep lipstick red to delicate red pastel shades, red petunia flowers will give your garden a dramatic look. Stunning examples of red petunias are striped petunias with crimson red petals and white stripes.

Here are some of the best examples of red petunia flowers:

Petunia Starry Sky

Petunia Starry Sky

Petunia ‘Starry Sky’

Petunia starry sky has deep burgundy 5-petaled petunia flowers that have white speckles giving the appearance of a starry night. The burgundy night sky petunia with its large glittering red flowers creates an eye-catching floral display. Petunias with a “starry” appearance are also called ‘galaxy petunias.’

Red Easy Wave Petunia

Red Easy wave Petunia

Red Easy wave Petunia

Deep red petunia flowers are characteristic of the ‘Red Easy Wave’ hybrid. The dazzling crimson red flowers with dark red veins grow on this mounding petunia. Ideal as a basket plant or ground cover, this red petunia is tolerant of heat, cold, rain, and drought.

Pirouette Red Double Petunia

Pirouette Red Double Petunia

Pirouette Red double petunia

The pirouette red double petunia has unique red and white flowers that are double blooms with showy ruffled petals. The beautifully fringed flowers and bicolor patterns of these petunias look spectacular when they bloom continuously from spring until the first frost.

Here are more examples of red petunia flowers:

  • Petunia Supertunia Black Cherry—Deep red trumpet flowers with black veins and centers, ideal for hanging baskets.
  • Petunia Shock Wave Red—This petunia has brilliant crimson flowers that create an ideal flowering ground cover or cascading, flowering stems.
  • Potunia Plus Red—Densely flowering huge red petunia flowers forming a beautiful red mound.
  • Supercascade Red Petunia—This grandiflora red petunia has large red trumpet flowers that provide a beautiful focal point in the garden.
Supercascade Red Petunia

Supercascade Red Petunia

Types of Yellow Petunia Flowers

Yellow petunia flowers are perfect for adding a splash of bright colors to backyards, patios, or mixed borders. The mound-forming, spreading annual flowers with golden yellow, soft yellow, lemon, butter, and sunshine shades complement lush green foliage.

Here is a beautiful example of yellow petunia flowers:

Madness Yellow Petunia

Madness Yellow Petunia

Madness Yellow petunia

The ‘Madness Yellow’ is flowering petunia with bountiful yellow funnel-shaped flowers. The large pale yellow flowers look spectacular in pots, mass plantings, and window boxes. The spreading floribunda petunia has an upright, mounded growth habit.

Here are more examples of yellow petunia flowers.

  • Patio Surfinia Yellow Petunia—The golden yellow flowers of this spreading petunia flower all season without deadheading.
  • Petunia Easy Wave Yellow—Soft yellow flowers that bloom freely from late spring until the fall.
Petunia Easy Wave Yellow

Petunia Easy Wave Yellow

  • Blanket Yellow Petunia—Pale yellow trumpet flowers with golden yellow throats and veins.
  • Petunia Supertunia Honey—Warm golden-yellow flowers with pinkish tinges on the beautiful papery petals.

Types of Blue Petunia Flowers

Blue petunias are some of the most popular modern hybrids, and every year new varieties of blue flowers appear. Blue flowers used to be rare in garden bedding plants. However, you can find some “true blue” petunia cultivars if you want to add these rare flowers to your garden landscape.

Here are some of the best examples of blue petunia flowers:

Wild Petunia — Ruellia Simplex blue

Ruellia Simplex blue

Ruellia Simplex blue petunia

The ‘Ruellia Simplex’ petunia has delightful blue flowers that have the appearance of crepe paper. The vibrant solid blue color is rare among garden flowering bedding plants.

Petunia Frost Blue

Petunia Frost Purple

Petunia Frost Blue

Deep blue-purple flowers with white ruffled edges characterize this type of blue petunia. The trumpet blue petunia flowers gracefully turn back to create an umbrella-like shape.

Here are more examples of blue petunia flowers.

  • Mambo Blue—Dwarf multiflora petunia with dark purplish-blue flowers.
  • Petunia Grandiflora Ultra Blue—The large, vibrant blue flowers measure up to 4” (10 cm) wide.
  • Carpet Blue Lace—Two-toned blue-purple petunia flowers with light lilac-blue edges and dark blue veining, creating a star pattern.
Carpet Blue Lace petunia

Carpet Blue Lace petunia

  • Petunia Shock Wave Denim—This spreading annual has small dark bluish-purple flowers blooming from spring until frost.

Other Types of Colorful Petunia Flowers

Colorful petunia flowers are funnel-shaped flowers with contrasting stripes or veins. The colorful flowers can have stripes running from the center of the flower to the petal edges. Veined petunias are typically in pastel shades with thin dark veins providing colorful patterns. Other colorful petunia flowers have speckled patterns that look like splashes of paint to give the flower petals a variegated appearance.

Here are some of the best examples of colorful petunia flowers:

Petunia Pinstripe

Petunia Pinstripe

Petunia ‘Pinstripe’

The magnificent ‘Pinstripe’ petunia has dark velvety petals forming a funnel shape. The highlight of these petunia flowers are the yellow and pink stripes radiating from the center of the trumpet flower to the edge of the dark burgundy petals.

Petunia Cha-Ching Cherry

Petunia Cha-Ching Cherry

Petunia ‘Cha-Ching Cherry’

The ‘Cha-Ching Cherry’ is a red and yellow colorful striped petunia. The slightly ruffled bright red petals have yellow stripes, giving these flowers the look of sweet candy.

Petunia Supertunia Mini Vista Violet Star

Petunia Violet Star

Petunia Supertunia Mini Vista Violet Star

The stunning contrasting white and deep purple colors of the ‘Mini Vista Violet Star’ petunia are real showstoppers. Masses of the white and purple flowers create attractive floral displays in hanging baskets.

Petunia Carpet Blue Star

Carpet Blue Star Petunia

Carpet Blue Star Petunia

Petunia ‘Carpet Blue Star’ is a multiflora petunia with dark purple-blue medium-sized, funnel-shaped flowers with white stripes that creates a stunning look in your landscaped garden. This low growing petunia has a compact shape and is a heat-tolerant plant.

Petunia Primetime Red Star

Petunia Primetime Violet Star

Petunia Primetime Violet Star

The showy, colorful petunia ‘Red Star’ trumpet flowers have dark lipstick red stripes. The red stripes seem to bleed into the pink-white petals giving the flowers a raspberry-ripple look.

Petunia Queen of Hearts

Petunia Queen of Hearts

Petunia ‘Queen of Hearts’

Pink and creamy yellow are the colors of the ‘Queen of Hearts’ petunia. The colorful striped petunia flowers have pink petals with yellow margins on the edges to the center. The shape of the petals and pink colors make the petunia flower look as if it’s got five pink hearts.

Seaside Petunia

Seaside Petunia

Seaside petunia

The seaside petunia has the common name petunia, although it is in the genus Calibrachoa, not Petunia. The petunia-like colorful pink flowers have dark, almost black centers and vibrant yellow stripes emitting from them. Species of Calibrachoa are related to petunias and have a similar spreading growth habit.

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