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20 Low Light Succulents For Indoor Spaces

Low Light Succulents For Indoor Spaces

Low-light succulents are ideal indoor plants where rooms have poor lighting conditions. Succulents that grow in partially shaded conditions allow you to add greenery to indoor spaces despite a lack of sunshine or bright light. Shade-tolerant succulents include echeveria, mistletoe cactus, snake plants, and Christmas cactus. Some trailing low-light succulents like Burro’s tail and wax plants are ideal for hanging baskets.

Aloe Vera Flowers: Getting Your Aloe Vera to Flower Indoors and Outdoors

Aloe Vera Flowers: Getting Your Aloe Vera to Flower Indoors and Outdoors

Getting your aloe vera plant to flower can be a tricky process. Aloe vera plants, with their thick, fleshy, evergreen leaves, are popular for their low-maintenance needs. But only a few people have enjoyed flowers on their aloe vera plants. The blooms look like clusters of tubular red, orange, or yellow flowers in a conical spike.

Types of Desert Cacti (With Pictures) – Identification Guide

Types of Desert Cacti (With Pictures) - Identification Guide

Desert cacti are the most easily recognizable features of dry arid landscapes, especially in Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and California. Succulent plants that thrive in the desert must withstand periods of drought, hot sun, and nutrient-deficient soil. In addition, desert cacti that thrive in the southwestern United States must endure freezing temperatures during the night.

71 Types of Succulents with Pictures and Names: An Identification Guide

Succulent varieties

Are you searching for the perfect type of succulent for your garden or indoor space but feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of choices? In this comprehensive article, we present our top favorite succulent varieties, complete with pictures and names, to assist you in making an informed decision.

Orchid Cactus (Epiphyllum Cactus): Care and Growing Guide

The orchid cactus is a beautiful succulent plant with broad, flattened leaf-like stems and huge, showy flowers. Orchid cactus flowers are the reason most people keep these flowering cacti as houseplants. The large cup-shaped or funnel-shaped flowers bloom in shades of white, orange, yellow, pink, and red. An unusual feature of some orchid cactus plants is that they only bloom once a year during the night.

Orchid Cactus (Epiphyllum Cactus): Types, Flowers, Care Guide (Pictures) – Identification

Orchid Cactus (Epiphyllum Cactus)

The orchid cactus is a type of hanging cactus plant with trailing succulent stems and spectacular colorful cup-shaped flowers in beautiful shades of white, pink, orange, or red. Orchid cacti have long, flat leaf-like stems with serrated or scalloped margins, and the stems growing up to 24” (60 cm) long and 2” (5 cm) wide. The attractive feature of the orchid cactus plant is the masses of showy flowers blooming at the end of cascading stems.

Queen of the Night Cactus (Epiphyllum Oxypetalum): Plant Care and Growing Guide

Queen of the night is a flowering cactus with sprawling waxy stems that can grow up to 20 ft. (6 m) long and produces stunning large white showy flowers one night in the year. So, although queen of the night cactus produces flowers, it rarely blooms. When the orchid cactus produces flowers, they only emerge at night and wilt before the morning. The night-blooming characteristic and its stunning flowers make this plant popular for tropical gardens or as a houseplant.

Sansevieria Moonshine – Moonshine Snake Plant: Care and Growing Guide

Sansevieria Moonshine (Moonshine Snake Plant)

Sansevieria moonshine is an eye-catching snake plant with pale, silvery-green, spear-shaped leaves. Also called the moonshine snake plant, its broad, pointed succulent leaves have an attractive dark green margin. This easy-care houseplant is ideal for beginners or plant experts alike. You can grow the stunning moonshine plant in most conditions and it survives in low-light with little water. In addition, its short upright sword-like leaves don’t take up much room.

Living Stone Plant (Lithops): Care and Growing Guide (Pictures)

Living Stone Plant (Lithops)

Lithops is a succulent that is also called living stone plant and is easy to grow indoors. The plant’s common name—living stone—comes from the fact that the succulent looks like a small rock, pebble, or stone. The unusual feature of lithops plants is their two fleshy succulent leaves in a kidney bean shape. The fissure between the two plump lithops leaves splits, and then a flower or a pair of new leaves emerge.

Paddle Plant (Kalanchoe thyrsiflora or Kalanchoe luciae): Flapjack Succulent Care (Pictures)

Paddle Plant (Kalanchoe thyrsiflora or Kalanchoe luciae): Flapjack Succulent Care

The paddle plant is a pretty, flowering succulent with flat, broad, spoon-shaped jade green leaves with a tinge of red blushing. The large spatulate leaves are the attractive feature of this low-maintenance succulent. Also called the ‘flapjack’ succulent, the paddle plant is easy to look after—all it needs is plenty of light and dry, sandy soil.