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Small Flowering Shrubs for Shade (With Pictures) – Identification Guide

Small Flowering Shrubs for Shade

Small flowering, shade-tolerant shrubs are perfect for filling your garden landscape with color, floral scents, and attractive plants. Small ornamental shrubs that thrive in the shade bloom with colorful flowers of pink, red, orange, yellow, purple, and white blooms. And despite growing in the shadows of taller trees and structures, many shade-loving flowering shrubs blossom throughout the summer in cooler climates. 

Small or Dwarf Evergreen Shrubs For Shade (With Pictures) – Identification Guide

Small or Dwarf Evergreen Shrubs For Shade

Small evergreen shrubs that are tolerant of shade add color to shaded gardens. Many types of shade-tolerant evergreen shrubs also produce wonderful flowering blooms in shades of red, white, yellow, orange, purple, and pink. In addition, planting small shrubs that grow in the shadow of trees, buildings, walls, or larger shrubs prevent your front or backyard from looking sparse, without any greenery or natural elements. 

Low Maintenance Small Shrubs (With Pictures) – Identification Guide

Low Maintenance Small Shrubs

Low-maintenance small shrubs are perfect for growing in a garden landscape to add definition, color, and visual appeal. Fuss-free dwarf and miniature evergreen shrubs ensure your front yard landscape has plenty of color throughout the year. Small flowering shrubs with few care requirements bring color, floral aromas, and lush textures from spring through fall.

Low Maintenance Evergreen Shrubs (With Pictures) – Identification Guide

Low Maintenance Evergreen Shrubs

Evergreen shrubs that require little maintenance are excellent for any front or backyard landscape. Low maintenance ornamental shrubs with evergreen foliage can be used as privacy screens, foundation plantings, security barriers, or specimen plants. The benefit of decorative bushes that keep their leaves throughout the year is that they add a splash of color whatever the climate. 

Yellow Shrubs: Landscaping Shrubs with Yellow Leaves or Flowers (Pictures)

Yellow Shrubs: Landscaping Shrubs with Yellow Leaves or Flowers

Growing yellow shrubs in your garden is an excellent way of brightening up a landscape. Shrubs with yellow leaves, flowers, or berries provide a splash of bright color that compliments green foliage. Even on drab, overcast winter days, evergreen yellow shrubs continue to provide some brightness. In addition, yellow shrubs can help to mask brown fences or other unsightly garden structures.

Small or Dwarf Shrubs (With Pictures) – Identification Guide

Small or Dwarf Shrubs

Dwarf shrubs or small flowering bushes have great value for garden landscapes. Small shrubs are ideal for compact gardens where space is limited, or they can help to enhance larger flowering shrubs.

Gardenia Tree: Care and Growing Guide (Watering, Pruning and More)

Gardenia Tree: Care and Growing Guide

The gardenia tree is a beautiful small tree with lush evergreen foliage, brilliant white showy flowers, and an intoxicating fragrance. Although gardenia is a shrub, it is possible to have a braided gardenia or a single trunk plant that grows like a small, flowering tree. This means that you can grow a topiary gardenia tree indoors in temperate climates and outdoors in subtropical or tropical gardens.

Landscaping Bushes and Shrubs to Grow in Your Yard (With Pictures)

Landscaping Bushes and Shrubs

No garden landscape would be complete without different types of shrubs and bushes growing in it. There are flowering evergreen landscaping shrubs that provide year-long color and bloom in the spring, summer, and fall. Other types of perennial bushes are great low-growing border plants. You can also plant decorative bushes with various colors of leaves such as purple, red, and multicolored ones.

40 Florida Shrubs (Flowering, Evergreen, Vines) With Pictures – Identification Guide

Florida Shrubs Identification

Shrubs, flowering bushes, evergreen plants, and trailing vines add beauty to gardens in Florida. Many shrubs for the sun or shade are ideally suited to Florida’s hot and humid climate.

Lavender Tree: Care and Growing Guide (Watering, Pruning and More)

Lavender Tree

A lavender tree is a beautiful tall lavender plant with aromatic gray-green leaves and clusters of fragrant purple flowers growing on erect stems. Also called lavender topiary, the plant is a traditional lavender shrub trained to grow as a tree. Lavender trees are ideal for growing in pots indoors or outdoors. Growing tall in pots, a lavender tree fills rooms or gardens with heavenly aromas and beautiful purple and green colors.