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20 Types of Begonias: Flowers, Leaves (With Pictures, Identification, and Care Guide)

Types of Begonias

Begonia plants are famous for their spectacular colorful leaves and clusters of showy pink, red, yellow, orange, or white flowers. Species of begonia are grown as tropical tender perennials, bedding annuals, or houseplants. Popular types of begonia, such as wax begonias, tuberous begonias, and rex begonias, bloom through the summer and fall. When growing indoors, some begonia cultivars and hybrids produce flowers all year long.

Vines With White Flowers with Pictures and Names (Identification)

White flowering vines

White flowering vines are beautiful climbing plants or creeper plants that look attractive in any garden landscape. Climbing vines with white flowers add grace and elegance as they grow up arbors or trellises, cascade over walls, hang from hanging baskets, or dangle from pergolas. The pure snow-white or creamy white flowers look spectacular, contrasting with lush green, leafy foliage.

Angel Wing Begonia (Begonia coccinea x Begonia aconitifolia): Flowers, Leaves – Care Guide (Pictures)

Angel Wing Begonia care

Angel wing begonia is a type of tender perennial cane begonia, famous for its beautiful spotted wing-like, pointed leaves. Not only is its foliage spectacular, but an angel wing begonia also produces clusters of drooping pink and white, red, or orange flowers. As a popular outdoor garden plant or tropical houseplant, angel wing begonia is incredibly easy to grow. Outdoors, partial-shade is ideal for this carefree plant. However, growing indoors, the begonia thrives in bright, indirect light.

Types of Colorful Petunia Flowers: Purple, Black, Red, White, Yellow (Pictures) 

Types of Petunia Flowers

Petunia flowers are some of the most colorful flowering plants to grow in garden landscapes, hanging baskets, borders, containers, and window boxes. They are so popular because all varieties of petunias are prolific bloomers with solid, striped, speckled, and veined colors. With their trumpet-shaped showy single or double blooms, petunias come in colors and shades such as purple, lilac, red, pink, yellow and white. There is even a stunning type of black petunia.

Petunia Flowers: Planting, Growing and Caring for Petunia Plants

Petunia Flowers: plant care

Petunias are spectacular annual flowers that bloom in shades of yellow, red, purple, white, orange, and blue. Petunia flowers can be single or showy double blooms with striped, solid, or speckled colorful patterns. Blooming continuously on long cascading stems, petunia flowers look stunning, growing in containers, hanging baskets, flower borders, or spreading colorful ground cover. Petunias bloom throughout the summer, and new varieties will produce flowers non-stop without deadheading.

Wax Begonia: Flower, Leaves – Plant Care Guide (Pictures)

Wax Begonia care

Wax begonia (Begonia Semperflorens-Cultorum) is a group of beautiful begonia plants with green, bronze, or reddish-brown waxy leaves that grow in compact, bushy mounds. Wax leaf begonias are popular bedding plants that grow as annuals or warm-weather perennials. Growing in dappled sunlight, the spreading, low-growing bedding begonias produce clusters of white, pink, or red flowers that bloom from summer until fall.

Hydrangea: Planting, Transplanting – Care and Growing Guide (Pictures)

Hydrangea care

Hydrangea flowers are some of the largest, showiest, and most colorful blooms you can grow in a garden landscape. Beautiful hydrangea bushes fill gardens with dazzling, colorful flowers and lush green foliage from spring through summer and until fall. One of the beauties of planting hydrangea flowering shrubs is that they are easy to grow in gardens or backyards. Some stunning hydrangea bushes are dwarf shrub varieties that grow well in containers as patio plants.

Types of Hydrangea Bushes (Small and Large) With Their Flowers and Leaves (Pictures) – Identification

Types of Hydrangea Bushes

Hydrangeas are beautiful bushy deciduous shrubs with large, colorful, showy flowers and large bright to dark green leaves. Hydrangea flowers bloom in shades of blue, lavender, white, pink, red, green, and purple. The bigleaf hydrangea (Hydrangea macrophylla) is the most popular of these flowering bushes. Other types of hydrangea bushes include smooth hydrangeas, oakleaf hydrangeas, climbing hydrangeas, panicle hydrangeas, and mountain hydrangeas.

Baby’s Breath Flowers (Gypsophila): Plant and Growing Guide (Pictures)

Baby’s breath flowers are small, delicate white, light pink, or yellow blooms, popular in floral arrangements and cut flowers. Flowers on baby’s breath plants grow as airy mounds of tiny blossoms that enhance aesthetics in a garden landscape. Baby’s breath plants are incredibly easy to grow and come back year after year, filling your garden with decorative clouds of cheerful flowers.

Top 27 Florida Flowers With Pictures (Native and Non-Native)

florida plants

The hot, humid summer of the Sunshine State makes it challenging to find flowers for Florida. Long, warm sunny days mean that Florida flowers have a tough time surviving. The best flowers that grow in Florida are ones that thrive in full sun and partial shade. Many types of tropical flowers are ideal for Florida, as they love humid temperatures and plenty of sunshine.