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The Best Florida Butterfly Plants (With Pictures) – Identification Guide

The Best Florida Butterfly Plants (With Pictures) - Identification Guide

Several varieties of native Florida plants attract butterflies to your garden. Planting the right shrubs and flowers encourages healthy populations of common butterflies in the Sunshine State—monarch, swallowtail, fritillary, admiral, and sulphur butterflies. The best plants native to Florida for butterflies include the butterfly bush, milkweed, lavender, coralbean, and lantana.

Florida Wildflowers (With Pictures) – Identification Guide

Florida Wildflowers (With Pictures) - Identification Guide

Florida wildflowers are a stunning addition to any garden landscape. These native plants have adapted to the Sunshine State’s unique climate and growing conditions. As a result, wildflowers in Florida’s meadows, woodlands, and open landscapes are easy to grow, low maintenance, and drought-tolerant. Planting Florida wildflowers lets you brighten a front or backyard with spectacular blooms in yellow, orange, pink, and purple shades.

The Best Florida Perennial Flowers – Identification Guide (With Pictures)

Florida Perennial Flowers - Identification Guide

Perennial flowers for Florida are a great addition to a garden landscape to add color, greenery, and texture. Flowers that come back year after year are perfect low-maintenance landscaping solutions. Flowering shrubs, ground cover plants, and beautiful vining plants with stunning flowers beautify a southern garden. In addition, planting perennials in a front yard can improve curb appeal. In contrast, perennial shrubs in a backyard boost aesthetics and act as a privacy screen.

Texas Flowers With Pictures (Native and Non-Native) – Identification Guide

Texas Flowers With Pictures (Native and Non-Native) - Identification Guide

Native Texas flowers are perfect for brightening residential landscapes in hot, arid, dry climates. Flowers for growing in the Lone Star State typically bloom in spring and September, adding color, texture, and sweet fragrances to gardens. Additionally, Texas wildflowers are common throughout the state, transforming grasslands, plains, roadsides, and parks into a sea of blue, purple, pink, and white colors.

Hellebore Flowers (Lenten Rose) With Pictures and Identification

Hellebore Flowers (Lenten Rose) With Pictures and Identification

Hellebore flowers are spectacular colorful plants famous for their cup-shaped blooms that appear in late winter and early spring. Also called Lenten roses or winter roses, these perennial plants are a hybrid of Helleborus orientalis and other species of hellebores. The flowers on ornamental hellebore plants can be single or double blooms with colors like pink, red, peach, purple, green, and rose.

Ground Cover Plants With Blue Flowers (With Pictures) – Identification Guide

Ground cover plants with blue flowers provide a blanket of soft, colorful plants in shades of indigo, cyan, navy blue, pastel blue and pale lilac. Blue-flowering ground cover plants have several beneficial uses in a garden landscape. The mat-forming plants help prevent soil erosion, keep weeds under control, cover bare patches of ground, and attract pollinators.

Types of Desert Flowers (With Pictures and Names) – Identification Guide

Desert Flowers Identification Guide

Desert flowers can bloom in the harshest and most arid environments in the country. A range of hardy flowering plants, blooming trees, and flowering cacti can turn a barren landscape into a colorful panorama with shades of yellow, orange, purple, pink, and red. Flowering desert plants are also ideal for beautifying garden landscapes if you live in a hot, dry climate.

Bell Shaped Flowers (White, Purple, Red) – Pictures and Identification Guide

Bell Shaped Flowers (White, Purple, Red) - Pictures and Identification Guide

Plants with bell-shaped flowers are colorful, showy, sun or shade-loving garden varieties that give off beautiful fragrances. Usually, the bell-shaped flowers grow in dangling conical clusters and can be white, purple, pink or red. Some examples of these flower clusters are doghobble and Japanese Pieris. However, other bell-shaped flowers like snowdrops, bluebells, and lily of the valley grow on upright or arching stems on low-growing plants.

Types of Impatiens Flowers: New Guinea, Walleriana, and Double Impatiens (Pictures)

Impatiens Flowers

Impatiens flowers are colorful tender perennials that tolerate shade and can thrive in partial sun. Colorful Impatiens flowers can be in shades of pink, purple, orange, red, and white. 

Flowering Clematis: Pruning, Transplanting, Trellis Support and Care Guide

Flowering Clematis care

Clematis flowers are beautiful star-shaped or bell-shaped blossoms that grow profusely on trailing and climbing vines. Impressive flowering clematis vines thrive in sunny gardens with minimal care. Colorful clematis flowers bloom in shades of purple, pink, rosy-red, white, yellow, and lilac. Some of the largest clematis blooms are enormous fragrant flowers growing up to 10” (25 cm) across.