The Most Popular Flowers in The World with Name and Picture

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Although most people have their own favorite flower, there are some flowers more popular than others. The most popular flowers in the world come in many colors, have wonderful scents, and look beautiful. So, whether it’s to be romantic, show sympathy, let someone know you are thinking of them, or create a spectacular display, there is a famous flower for any occasion.

The most famous flowers have also come to have special meaning. A bunch of beautiful flowers like red roses can mean true love on Valentine’s day. Cute flowers like carnations can symbolize devotion or innocence. Elegant flowers such as tulips commonly mean joy, excitement, and cheer.

Although flowers are common gifts, they still elicit beauty, joy, hope, love, and affection.

In this article, you will find out about the most popular flowers in the world including their picture. Learn about the identifying characteristics of these well-known flowers. You will also find out why some common flowers have become so popular.

Types of Popular Flowers With Picture and Name

Let’s look in more detail at incredibly beautiful flowers that make wonderful gifts, floral displays, or add a splash of vibrant color to your garden.



The beautiful rose is very common and popular flower worldwide

Roses are one of the most popular flowers in the world that symbolize appreciation, love, affection, or enduring friendship. Due to their exceptional beauty, roses are one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Roses are commonly part of wedding bouquets or gifts on any kind of celebration.

Roses are a type of shrub from the genus Rosa. There are reportedly over 300 different species of roses with the number of cultivars reaching the thousands. Roses can be red, white, yellow, pink, orange, dark purple, or multicolored. There is even a blue rose as well as black rose flower.

Apart from their outstanding beauty, roses have become popular for their delightful fragrance. Roses are also one of the most popular types of cut flowers and are sold as a single flower, in bunches, or as part of a floral display.

Some popular types of roses have compact heads made up of delicate petals. Other roses have showy flowers with a bushy appearance.



Tulips are popular worldwide for symbolizing elegance and grace

Tulips are one of the most popular flowers in springtime. Their grace and elegance have come to mean perfect love, cheerfulness, and hope. Belonging to the family Liliaceae in the genus Tulipa, tulips are a bulbous perennial flowering plant.

Each long green stem has one large cup- or bell-shaped flower at the end. Depending on the tulip cultivar, the petals can be oval, triangular, frilled, or long and thin. Tulips come in a mesmerizing array of different colors including shades of red, pink, violet, yellow, or multi-colors.

There are thousands of different types of beautiful tulip flowers to choose from. Tulips look stunning on their own or as part of a colorful floral arrangement.



Daffodils are appreciated around the world for their beautiful yellow or white flowers

Commonly symbolizing friendship, daffodils are a perennial bulbous spring plant in the Amaryllidaceae family. Daffodil is the common name for flowers that are also called Narcissus.

Daffodils are easily identifiable by their long stems and brightly colored flowers. The famous daffodil flowers are made up of petals in a star shape with a trumpet-like flower in the center.

The most common daffodil color combinations are yellow and white. Many types of daffodils have yellow petals and a yellow center or white petals and yellow in the middle. Types of daffodils can also be just yellow or white.

Depending on the species of daffodil, there may be a solitary large flower on the stem or there could be a cluster of smaller flowers.



The versatility and many color combinations of carnations have made them popular flowers worldwide

Due to their exquisite showy flowers, carnations are popular flowers for weddings, celebrations, or to express good wishes or admiration. The most popular carnation colors are red, pink, or white.

Carnations are a species of flowering plant in the genus Dianthus. These graceful frilled flowers can be between 1” and 2” (2.5 – 5 cm) in diameter. Carnation stems can grow up to 31” (80 cm) tall, making them great for bouquets or flower displays.

Most species of carnations have double flowers which give them a ruffled look. Some types of less-common carnations have a single row of petals that open out.



Colorful gerberas are a popular choice in many flower arrangements

One of the most common flowers after roses, tulips, and carnations are gerberas. These large disc-shaped flowers are a member of the Asteraceae family which make them related to daisies and sunflowers.

The outstanding feature of gerbera flowers is their large floral head. Some species of gerbera have flowers measuring up to 5” (12.7 cm) across. Smaller gerbera flowers may be as small as 2.7” (7 cm).

These striking perennial plants have two-lipped florets making up the flower head. If you look closely, you will notice hundreds of tiny individual petals.

There are many gerbera cultivars and hybrids. The most popular types of gerberas are orange, yellow or red flowers. However, star-shaped flowers that are white, pink, or any shade in between are also very common. Some of the most interesting gerberas have dark or black centers.

Daisies (Asters)


Pretty daisies are commonly grown in many gardens around the world

Although daisies are common garden flowers, there are some spectacular species of daisies that are popular in flower arrangements. Daisies come in all different colors which can brighten up a display or look cheerful in a vase.

There are over 32,000 species of daisy belonging to the Asteraceae family. This means that types of daisies (asters) are one of the most common flowers on the plant. Even though they look simple, the sheer elegance and vibrancy of these famous flowers have increased their popularity.

The most popular types of daisies have a star shape with long thin petals fanning out from the center. Asters commonly have a yellow center and can have mauve, purple, white, yellow, or lilac petals.

Giving daisies as a gift has come to symbolize new beginnings such as the birth of a child or becoming a mother.



Orchids have a huge variety of exotic flowers in many colors and sizes, making them a popular choice as houseplants

Extremely popular worldwide, orchids are some of the most elegant and beautiful flowers you can grow at home. There are over 760 orchid genera in the world with over 28,000 species belonging to the family Orchidaceae. Orchid flowers are exotic, fascinating, and awe-inspiring. In fact, some types of orchids produce the most unbelievable flowers in the world.

Orchids are easy to identify by their long stems and delicate flowers growing on them. Some popular types of orchids have between 8 and 10 flowers on each stem. Other species have so many flowers that the tropical plant becomes top-heavy.

The most common types of orchids to grow as a houseplant are from the Phalaenopsis genus. These easy-to-grow plants have large wide petals in various pastel shades. Some orchid flowers are single colors with a contrasting center. Others have striking vein-like patterns or harlequin spotting.



The large colorful flower-heads of hyacinths have made them popular indoors and outdoors

Clusters of beautiful flowers in a cylindrical or conical shape have made hyacinths a popular garden plant. Hyacinths are a species of perennial plant belonging to the family Asparagales order that flowers in spring.

Hyacinth flowers are commonly purple, white, lilac, light pink or sometimes yellow. These cute small flowers are shaped like bells and give off a wonderful fragrance. Depending on the color of flowers, hyacinths can have different meanings. For example, the popular blue hyacinth represents sincerity whereas purple can mean sorrow for a mistake.

One of the beauties of hyacinths is that they also make great indoor houseplants. Planting one or two hyacinth bulbs in a pot will give you large fragrant flowers to enhance the beauty of any room.



Freesias come in many colors and give stunning look to any garden

Freesias have wonderful colors and a delicate fragrance which have made them extremely popular flowers. Freesias are a perennial flower belonging to the family Iridaceae and are related to hyacinths.

These low-growing delightful plants only grow to between 4” and 15” (10 – 40 cm) tall. These incredibly beautiful flowers are conical or trumpet-shaped and have bright vibrant colors. Some of the most beautiful freesias are double blooms which are attractive in any room or flower arrangement.

There are over 1,400 species of freesias and they are popular as cut flower gifts. For example, white freesias are commonly used in wedding displays. Yellow freesias or multicolored freesia bouquets can symbolize a strengthening of friendship.



Sunflowers look exceptional due to their large bright flower-head

Sunflowers are one of the largest, tallest, and most striking types of flower you can grow. The large brightly-colored yellow star flowers look stunning especially as a centerpiece of a floral arrangement.

Sunflowers belong to the same family as gerberas and daisies. Some of the tallest sunflower species can grow to around 10 ft. (3 m). These amazing large disk flowers have long yellow petals and can measure up to 12” (30 cm) across.

The most common type of sunflower has bright yellow petals fanning out in a star shape and a black center. However, some other types of sunflowers have yellow or beige centers.

There are some examples of exceptional sunflower cultivars. Names such as ‘Evening Sun,’ ‘Ring of Fire,’ or ‘Strawberry Blonde’ accurately describe the red, yellow, and pink coloring on these hybrids.



Irises are well known for their elegant look and beautiful petals

Due to their delicate flowers and wonderful fragrance, irises are extremely popular with florists. The name ‘iris’ is fitting because it is Greek for ‘rainbow’ and iris flowers can be almost any kind of color.

There are around 300 species of iris in the Iridaceae family. Irises are well-known for their beautiful showy flowers and frilled petals. Some species of iris are called ‘bearded irises’ due to the fuzzy edges of their ruffled petals. Beardless irises include types of iris such as Siberian irises, Japanese Irises, and Dutch Irises.

One of the reasons why irises are so popular worldwide is due to the variety of petal shapes and colors. Dark blues, pastel oranges, lilacs, yellows, and delightful pinks are just some of the common types of irises.



The fantastic fragrant of jasmine flowers have made it a popular shrub in many gardens

Jasmine is a common flowering shrub with white flowers. Jasmine flowers are some of the most fragrant and daintiest that you will ever find.

There are 200 species of jasmine shrubs or climbing vines, and ‘Common Jasmine’ is the most popular types. Due to its wonderful glossy green leaves and exotic scent, jasmine plants are popular for ground cover, climbing up trellises, or growing in containers.

Flowering from late spring until fall, jasmine is a wonderful plant for your garden to add color and, in some cases, year-long greenery.


stargazer lily

Stargazer lilies are famous for their large, colorful and showy blooms

Lilies are one of the most popular types of large elegant flowers to make a bold statement. For many people, lilies are the most graceful flowers you can find. Lilies can symbolize a number of things including wealth, devotion, prosperity, or sympathy.

All true lilies grow from bulbs and are perennials belonging to the family Liliaceae. Species of lilies are divided into a number of categories including Asiatic, Trumpet, Oriental, and American hybrids.

Lilies are popular plants due to their large flowers and scent. Some types of lilies have large recurved petals whereas others have conical, trumpet-like flowers.

When creating regal floral displays, pink Stargazer lilies or Oriental lilies are the most common. Lilies in containers are also popular gifts and are called the 30th-anniversary flower.



Begonia is a common flower with many cultivars with various colors and shapes

Due to their prolific blooming, begonias are a popular flowering plant for gardens, containers, hanging baskets, or as a houseplant. Common begonias are not just prized for their beautiful flowers but for the intricate patterns on their leaves.

Flowering from spring until fall, most of the 1,800 species of begonias provide wonderful, colorful flowers. Some of the most outstanding begonias have bushy double flowers. Other begonias have rose-like flowers with swirling petals and a floral scent.

Common types of begonias for hanging baskets have flowers in the shape of bells that droop down. Although red and pink flowers are the most popular begonia colors, there are also variegated types, yellow begonias, and white cultivars.

Peace Lily

peace lily

The easy growing nature of peace lilies have made them a popular houseplant

Peace lily is the common name for flowering plants in the Spathiphyllum genus. These are bushy plants with large glossy green leaves and white lily-like flowers.

Although these perennial plants are called lilies, they are not true lilies. They are popular houseplants because they are very low maintenance and survive in low light conditions. Their pure white leaves and shiny green foliage help to brighten up a room or office.

These indoor plants are rarely used in cut flower arrangements.

If you are looking for a beautiful type of lily plant for stunning floral display, add a few pure white Calla lilies for a dramatic look.



The delicate and pretty flowers of the viola plant look beautiful when they are en masse

Violets are dainty flowering plants in the Violaceae family and are also commonly called pansies.

The variety of violets to choose from is enormous. Some of the most beautiful violets are flowers that have purple and yellow coloring. Some cultivars have dark purple petals with a bright yellow center. Others have a number of large petals and one yellow peal. Some Violas have bright yellow oval petals with blue and white edging.

The name “pansies” is usually given to species of the Violaceae family that have multicolored petals and large flowers.



The Large colorful Amaryllis flowers look amazing as cut flowers or in the garden

Amaryllis is a tall bulbous plant that produces large flowers that look like lilies. These popular houseplants belong to the Amaryllidaceae that are related to beautiful daffodils.

Large Amaryllis flowers grow on the top of thick leafless stems that can grow up to 22” (50 cm) tall. They usually bloom from late spring until early summer and there are some winter-flowering varieties. Depending on the species, each stem can produce between 2 and 12 large trumpet-shaped flowers. Some of the most spectacular amaryllis plants have large showy double flowers with red and white striped petals.

The most common and popular type of amaryllis is the one with white petals and red veins. However, dark red, white, cherry, and orange colors are all common choices with this popular flower.

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