Insects That Look Like Bees (Flies, Wasps, Bugs) with Pictures and Identification

Insects That Look Like Bees

Many insects mimic bees in their appearance, behavior, flying action, and size. Wasps are the most obvious bee mimics because of their black and yellow striped bodies and ability to cause a painful sting. However, some black and yellow flies, moths, beetles, and ants look remarkably like bees. Apart from wasps and hornets, many of the bugs that look like bees are relatively harmless. So, being able to identify insects that look like bees can help to spot harmless bugs from stinging ones.

Types of Weeds With Their Picture and Name – Identification Guide

Types of Weeds

Weeds in your garden can spoil the appearance of your lawn, shrubs, and flowering plants. Weeds are generally invasive plants that spread quickly and grow where you don’t want them. Getting rid of weeds fast is vital to prevent them from taking over your garden. Garden weeds that are left to grow can develop extensive roots that make getting rid of them for good very challenging.

Ficus Triangularis (Triangle Ficus): Care and Growing Guide

Ficus Triangularis (Triangle Ficus): Care

Ficus triangularis is one of the easiest ficus houseplants to grow indoors. Although ficus plants are notoriously fussy indoor plants, the ficus triangularis isn’t in this category. Also called the triangle ficus, the leafy plant gets its name from the leaves in the shape of a triangle. The truncate-shaped waxy leaves are a shiny dark green color and cover the woody plant’s stems. The ficus triangularis ‘Variegata’ has triangular-shaped green leaves with creamy-white margins and veins for a more dramatic appearance.

Venus Flytrap: Care, Feeding, Facts, Flowers (With Pictures)

Venus Flytrap: Care, Feeding

Venus flytrap is a popular carnivorous plant that traps insects before “consuming” them. The Venus flytrap uses sweet nectar to attract flies and insects to its two hinged lobes. When a fly, spider, or bug touches the fine bristles on the surface, the lobes close, trapping the insect. Fluids from the leaf tissue dissolve the insect, and the plant feeds by absorbing the insect’s nutrients.

Types of Lawn Weeds (With Their Picture and Name) – Identification and Control

Types of Lawn Weeds

Lawn weeds are pesky unwelcome plants that can destroy your lawn’s beautiful appearance. But getting a weed-free lawn can be challenging. Not all lawn weeds look alike. And some types of grassy weeds like crabgrass and nutsedge look like grass and are hard to identify. Other invasive broadleaf weeds in lawns can have purple or yellow flowers. Because stubborn weeds like creeping Charlie, dandelions, and oxalis have creeping roots, the unwanted plants can be hard to get rid of in a healthy lawn.

Plants with Pink Leaves (Including Plants with Pink and Green Leaves) – Pictures and Identification

Plants with Pink Leaves

Pink leaf plants are beautiful plants to brighten up interiors with shades of salmon pink, fuchsia, cerise, magenta, and rose pink. Whether the pink leaves are striped, speckled, variegated, mottled, or pure pastel pink, pink plants create a warm, tropical touch in any room. In addition, houseplants with pink and green leaves create exciting color combinations that can be an eye-catching talking piece or the focal point. Of course, if you live in warm climates, pink-leaved plants look stunning in a tropical garden landscape.

Lilac Tree: Care and Growing Guide (with Pictures)

Lilac Tree: Care and Growing Guide

Growing a lilac tree in your garden is surprisingly easy with the proper care and techniques. Lilac is a large multi-stemmed deciduous tree or shrub with conical clusters of fragrant pink, white, or purple flowers. Lilac trees bloom in late spring, and the blooms last for up to four weeks. Their large heart-shaped leaves and dense foliage can provide an ideal privacy fence. Lilac trees are also relatively easy to care for once established in the landscape.

Types of Hornets: Nest, Size, Color (With Pictures) – Identification Guide

A hornet is a kind of giant wasp with brown and yellow stripes and a black or yellow body. Hornets have venom-containing stingers that can deliver a painful and, sometimes, life-threatening sting. Asian species of hornets—Asian hornet and Japanese giant hornet—have a reputation for being aggressive. However, the European hornet can also attack humans if you get too close to the hornet nest. Hornets are social flying insects that live in papery nests.

Orchid Tree (Bauhinia): Purple, Pink, White and Hong Kong Orchid Trees

Orchid Tree (Bauhinia)

The orchid tree is a small, flowering, multi-stemmed tropical tree with beautiful pink, red, orange, yellow, white, or purple flowers resembling flowers growing on orchid plants. In addition, orchid trees have distinctive leathery, double-lobed green leaves that resemble the print of a cow’s hoof. Some species of orchid trees are evergreen trees. Still, others are deciduous trees that drop their leaves during the dry season or in winter.

Florida Caterpillars (Including Hairy and Fuzzy) with Pictures – Identification Guide

Florida Caterpillars

Florida is home to many types of caterpillars. Among Florida’s exotic and strange-looking caterpillars are fuzzy, striped, and unusual-looking horned caterpillars. In addition, several varieties of stinging caterpillars in the Sunshine State can give you a nasty sting if you handle them. Identifying caterpillars in Florida can help to know which species of caterpillars are poisonous and which are harmless.