Tropical Florida Plants (Flowers, Shrubs, Trees) – Pictures and Identification

Tropical Florida Plants

Tropical plants are the perfect addition to brighten up a Florida landscape. However, for plants to flourish in Florida’s tropical climate, they need to withstand the hot, humid, and coastal air in the southeastern United States. In addition, the diversity of climate between North Florida and South Florida can make it challenging to find plants that thrive throughout the entire Sunshine State. 

The Best Foundation Plants For Front of House (Pictures) – Identification Guide

Foundation plants for the front of house can create a terrific impression of your property. Front-of-house flowers, shrubs, and evergreen bushes help blur the line between your yard and home and add fantastic curb appeal. Foundation planting helps transform the appearance of your front yard by adding greenery, a pop of bright colors, and floral aromas. 

Royal Poinciana (Flamboyant Tree): Flowers, Leaves (Pictures) – Identification

Royal Poinciana (Flamboyant Tree)

Royal poinciana is a stunning flowering evergreen tree that blooms with masses of showy red-orange flowers in late spring and early summer. Also called the flame of the forest, flamboyant tree, or flame tree, the royal poinciana is known for its fern-like leaves, spreading umbrella-like canopy, and attractive mahogany seed pods. 

Types of Black Spiky Caterpillars (With Pictures) – Identification Guide

Black Spiky Caterpillars

Black spiky caterpillars are unusual types of butterfly or moth larvae. The dark-colored, worm-like bugs can have a menacing appearance with their jet-black bodies, light or white markings, and fleshy spines or spikes on their body. Black caterpillars are typically not venomous despite their spikes because they don’t contain poison-filled spines.

Types of Small Flying Bugs In House (With Pictures) – Identification Guide

Small Flying Bugs In House

Small flying bugs can be an extreme nuisance in homes. Fruit flies and fungus gnats are the most common flying house pests that most people can identify. However, annoying flying pests in houses also include houseflies, drain flies, cluster flies, whiteflies, and pantry moths. 

Types of Pine Trees in Florida (Pictures) – Identification Guide

Florida pines

Many species of pine trees grow well in Florida’s unique climate. Pine trees are typically cold-hardy coniferous trees, known for their evergreen pine-needle foliage and hardiness in freezing temperatures. Despite this fact, some pine trees in Florida thrive. For example, the longleaf pine, shortleaf pine, loblolly pine, and spruce pine are found throughout the Sunshine State. 

Katsura Tree (Including Weeping Katsura): Leaves, Bark and Care (Pictures) – Identification

Katsura Tree

Katsura tree is a medium-sized ornamental flowering tree with light brown shaggy bark, heart-shaped green leaves, and spectacular golden-yellow or orange fall foliage. A fascinating feature of the katsura tree is its sweet caramel-like smell when the leaves drop in the fall. The multi-trunked deciduous tree grows an oval to a pyramidal crown with arching branches.

Types of Kitchen Bugs (With Pictures) – Identification Guide

Kitchen Bugs

Many types of bugs can become a significant nuisance in kitchens. Tiny black kitchen bugs like fruit flies, gnats, or drain flies can hover around your face or land on food. Disgusting kitchen bugs such as rice weevils, flour beetles, or pantry bugs lay eggs in stored dry food products that become infested with larvae. Or you could notice disease-carrying cockroaches or other nasty bugs scurrying across your floor.

Yellow Shrubs: Landscaping Shrubs with Yellow Leaves or Flowers (Pictures)

Yellow Shrubs: Landscaping Shrubs with Yellow Leaves or Flowers

Growing yellow shrubs in your garden is an excellent way of brightening up a landscape. Shrubs with yellow leaves, flowers, or berries provide a splash of bright color that compliments green foliage. Even on drab, overcast winter days, evergreen yellow shrubs continue to provide some brightness. In addition, yellow shrubs can help to mask brown fences or other unsightly garden structures.

Types of Moth Caterpillars With Their Picture – Identification Guide

Types of Moth Caterpillars

Caterpillars that become moths after pupation come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Moth caterpillars can be green, black, yellow, or striped. Some of the most unusual moth caterpillars have spiky tufts of hair, intricate patterns, or a furry appearance.