Types of Cherry Blossom Trees (With Japanese Cherry Blossom Pictures)

Cherry Blossom Trees

Cherry blossom trees are ornamental deciduous trees that produce masses of stunning white or pink flowers in spring. Flowering cherry trees are ideal for planting in sunny garden landscapes to add spring color to your yard. Growing cherry blossom trees is easy as they require minimal care and reward you with spectacular blossoms.

Dwarf Weeping Cherry Trees – Including Care Guide (With Pictures)

Dwarf Weeping Cherry Trees

Dwarf weeping cherry trees are beautiful deciduous flowering trees, ideal for compact garden landscapes. When cherry trees blossom in spring, these small weeping trees produce masses of pinkish-white flowers that cover the drooping branches. With their short stature and cascading spring blossoms, weeping cherry blossom trees are a spectacular addition to your front or backyard.

Thrips on Plants: Effective Ways to Get Rid of Thrips

Effective Ways to Get Rid of Thrips on Plants

Thrips are tiny, winged insects that do tremendous damage to plants. These common pests feed on the sap and juices of houseplants, garden plants, and greenhouse crops. Thrip infestations can damage plants so much that leaves lose color, and plants eventually die. Thrips are challenging to get rid of. Their pupae lurk in the soil before emerging to feed on plants.

Croton Plant: Care and Growing Guide of Codiaeum Variegatum (With Pictures)

croton plant care

Croton plants (Codiaeum variegatum) are evergreen tropical flowering plants with stunningly colorful red, green and yellow patterned leaves. Many varieties of croton plants, such as the Croton ‘Petra’, are popular houseplants that thrive in sunny conditions in average room temperatures. Generally, croton plants are easy to grow indoors.

Weeping Cherry Trees: Types and Care (Including Dwarf Weeping Cherry Trees)

Weeping Cherry Trees: Types and Care

Weeping cherry trees are spectacular flowering trees, producing masses of beautiful pinkish-white flowers in spring on cascading branches. Although the blossoms on weeping cherry trees are short-lived, they turn garden landscapes into magnificent colors. Their pendulous, arching branches give the tree an eye-catching drooping, umbrella-like growth habit.

Alocasia Care: How to Grow Alocasia Plants (Including Alocasia Types With Pictures)

Alocasia Plants care

Alocasia is a genus of tropical plants that have spectacular large arrowhead leaves and glossy green foliage. Popular types of Alocasia such as the African Mask plant (Alocasia amazonica ‘Polly’) and Elephant Ears ‘Tiger’ (Alocasia zebrina) are ideal houseplants. Alocasia plants thrive indoors in warm, bright indirect light, growing in moist soil.

Alocasia Zebrina: Plant Care and Growing Guide (With Pictures)

Alocasia Zebrina: Plant Care

Alocasia zebrina is a stunning tropical evergreen perennial houseplant with large glossy green arrowhead leaves and stems with zebra-like patterns. Also called the Alocasia zebrina Tiger or Alocasia Leopard, this plant has long arching spotted stalks with unusual patterns. As with all species of Alocasia, the zebrina variety has triangular-shaped leaves that grow quickly.

Alocasia ‘Polly’ Care: How to Grow Alocasia Amazonica ‘Polly’ (African Mask Plant)

african mask plant

The Alocasia amazonica ‘Polly,’ or African Mask plant, is an evergreen tropical perennial houseplant with stunning dark green, arrow-shaped leaves and lobed, wavy edges. The striking feature of Alocasia ‘Polly’ is its glossy green leaves contrasting with their with creamy-white veins. Also called the Amazon Elephant Ear, Alocasia amazonica ‘Polly’ produces spathe flowers similar to calla lilies.

Drought Tolerant Perennial Plants – Best Perennial Flowers (Pictures)

drought resistant flowering perennial plants

Drought-tolerant perennials are garden plants that need very little care. The best drought-resistant perennials only need occasional watering and withstand plenty of sunshine. Many drought-tolerant perennial plants are ideal for growing in zones 9 and 10, and their flowers come back year after year.

Eucalyptus Plant: Care, Growing Guide and Uses of the Leaves

Growing Eucalyptus Plant Indoors

Eucalyptus is a genus of ornamental plants with attractive aromatic leaves. Although eucalyptus trees are enormous, many eucalyptus plants can grow in pots and make stunning indoor houseplants. The round or lance-shaped eucalyptus leaves are useful for drying to create dried eucalyptus bunches to enhance your interior décor.