Spider Crickets: Identification and Control (with Pictures)

Spider Crickets: Identification and Control

Spider crickets, also known as camel crickets or cave crickets, are medium-sized insects in the family Rhaphidophoridae. They are recognized for their distinct appearance, which includes a humpbacked body, six long legs, and long antennae. Spider crickets are typically brown or tan and are wingless.

46 Texas Bugs and Insects (with Pictures) – Identification Guide

Texas Bugs and Insects (with Pictures) – Identification Guide

Texas is home to a diverse array of bugs and insects. The varied climate in Texas, hot and dry in the west and humid in the east, means that insects like ants, roaches, chiggers, beetles, and termites thrive. Also, many bugs in Texas, like bed bugs, stink bugs, and aphids can become nuisances in homes and gardens. Also, flying insects in Texas, like horseflies and mosquitoes, can give nasty bites and spread disease.

Columnar Trees for Small Gardens (with Pictures) – Identification Guide

Columnar Trees for Small Gardens (With Pictures) - Identification Guide

Columnar trees are a perfect solution for landscaping small gardens because they deliver impact in compact spaces. Slender deciduous and evergreen trees for narrow spaces can be a focal point, make an elegant statement, or accent a feature of your property. Ideal for tight spaces, skinny, columnar trees are crucial for small-space gardening if you want to create a natural privacy fence. Additionally, conical trees with a narrow width are perfect for growing in containers.

20 Orange Flowering Shrubs (with Pictures): Identification and Planting Guide

Orange Flowering Shrubs (With Pictures) – Identification and Planting Guide

Orange-flowering shrubs are a great addition to any garden landscape. Many shrubs with orange flowers are easy to grow, drought-tolerant, and thrive in full sun to light shade. Attractive orange flowers contrast nicely with lush green foliage. The orange shrubs are ideal for foundation planting, borders, or growing as a specimen plant. Additionally, the bright orange blossoms attract butterflies and pollinators.

49 Types of Oak Trees (with Pictures): Identification Guide

oak trees bark and leaves

Oak trees are a group of hardwood trees that belong to the genus Quercus and the beech family, Fagaceae. All types of oak trees are categorized into two groups: white oak trees, and red oak trees. To identify the type of oak tree, you need to look at its bark, leaves, acorns and its general shape.

Amazing Narrow Evergreen Trees: The Best Skinny Columnar Evergreen Trees (Pictures) – Identification

Narrow Evergreen Trees: Skinny Columnar Evergreen Trees

Narrow evergreen trees are excellent landscaping trees to provide year-long color, privacy, shade, and visual appeal in a garden. Skinny columnar evergreen trees are ideal for small, compact gardens where ornamental trees don’t have room to spread. In addition, narrow trees with evergreen foliage are suitable for planters to add greenery to a patio, container garden, or entranceway.

Gorgeous Columnar Trees: The Best 32 Tall Skinny Trees (with Pictures)

tall skinny trees

Columnar trees are ideal for adding color, beauty, and elegance to any garden landscape. Tall, skinny trees can create a stunning visual impact when they line driveways, grow along fences, or act as a privacy hedge.

Some columnar dwarf trees grow in containers and can make an attractive entrance when grown beside a doorway or gate. Their narrow, upright growth habit means that columnar trees are perfect for landscaping small and large yards alike.

69 Types of Pine Trees with Identification Guide, Chart and Pictures

Types of Pine Trees with Identification Guide

Pine trees are a prevalent type of evergreen conifer found across various countries in the Northern Hemisphere. Belonging to the Pinaceae family and the Pinus genus, pine trees encompass a remarkable diversity of over 126 species worldwide. These resinous trees are closely related to other conifers like fir trees, cedars, and spruces.

33 Yellow Flowering Shrubs (with Pictures): Identification Guide

Yellow Flowering Shrubs (with Pictures): Identification Guide

Yellow-flowering shrubs can add a bright and cheerful splash of sunshine to any front or backyard. Shrubs with yellow flowers are known for their vibrant colors, wonderful scents, and lush foliage. From the showy golden yellow blooms of forsythia, Pontic azaleas, and shrub roses to the delicate blossoms of bushy cinquefoil, there are many yellow-flowering shrubs to choose from.

36 Pink Flowering Shrubs (with Pictures): Identification Guide

Pink Flowering Shrubs (with Pictures): Identification Guide

Pink-flowering shrubs are a beautiful addition to any garden landscape. These vibrant shrubs have blooms that add a pop of magenta, rose, salmon pink, and fuchsia colors to yards. From the vibrant pink blossoms of azaleas to the soft pink flowers of hydrangeas and peonies, there are many pink-flowering shrubs to choose from.