Beautiful Types of Butterfly Bushes (Including Dwarf Butterfly Bush Plants) – With Pictures

Butterfly Bush

Butterfly bush (botanical name Buddleja or Buddleia) is a group of small to medium-sized flowering shrubs. Butterfly bushes have beautiful clusters of colorful flowers that bloom from summer to fall. The conical flower clusters bloom in shades of purple, white, pink, and orange. The vibrantly colored flower spikes attract a multitude of butterflies—hence the common name butterfly bush.

Flowering Shrubs for Shade (Evergreen and Deciduous) With Pictures for Easy Identification 

Flowering Shrubs for Shade

Flowering shrubs that thrive in the shade are perfect plants if you have a shaded garden. Full-shade shrubs bloom with flowers in hues of pink, blue, lilac, red, white, and yellow. Many shade-loving flowering perennial shrubs continue to produce lush foliage and beautiful flowers despite a lack of sunlight in a garden landscape. Also, shade-tolerant evergreen shrubs can provide year-long privacy in your front or backyard.

Living Stone Plant (Lithops): Care and Growing Guide (Pictures)

Living Stone Plant (Lithops)

Lithops is a succulent that is also called living stone plant and is easy to grow indoors. The plant’s common name—living stone—comes from the fact that the succulent looks like a small rock, pebble, or stone. The unusual feature of lithops plants is their two fleshy succulent leaves in a kidney bean shape. The fissure between the two plump lithops leaves splits, and then a flower or a pair of new leaves emerge.

How To Keep Deer Out of Garden: Best Deer Proof Garden Ideas

Knowing how to keep deer out of a garden is vital to protect your ornamental plants, flowers, shrubs, trees, and lawn. Although deer are adorable animals in woodlands, forests, and films, deer damage can devastate gardens. To create a deer-proof garden, it’s vital to use a range of deterrent methods. A combination of repellents, planting deer-proof plants, and a fence may be necessary to help keep deer away from your garden.

Mulberry Trees: White, Red, Black – With Flowers and Leaves (Pictures)

Mulberry Trees

Mulberry trees (botanical name Morus) are popular ornamental shade trees that produce delicious edible white, red, or black berries. Commonly called mulberries, the medium-sized, berry-producing trees have attractive heart-shaped leaves, spikes of tiny white flowers (catkins), and thick grayish-brown bark. The common species of mulberry trees are red mulberry, white mulberry, and black mulberry.

Tree Fertilizers: When and How (Including The Best Tree Fertilizers)

Tree Fertilizers: When and How (Including The Best Tree Fertilizers)

Tree fertilizers are vital for providing fruit trees, evergreens, and deciduous trees with the nutrients they lack. The right type of fertilizer can help your trees grow larger, produce more fruit and foliage, and live longer. The best tree fertilizers ensure that trees in your garden continue to grow well and thrive for many years.

Hackberry Trees (Celtis): Common Types, Leaves, Bark, Fruit (Pictures) – Identification

Hackberry Trees (Celtis):

Hackberry (Celtis) is a group of medium-sized, deciduous trees with long ovately-shaped leaves, clusters of small fuzzy spring flowers, and small purple fruits. Low-maintenance hackberry trees are hardy trees that withstand many conditions, including drought, wet soil, strong winds, and air pollution. The tree’s dense, spreading foliage and rounded crown make hackberries ideal shade trees or lawn trees in garden landscapes.

19 Beautiful White Flowering Shrubs (With Pictures) – Identification and Planting Guide

Shrubs with white flowers are perfect landscaping bushy plants to brighten up any garden. White flowering shrubs bloom with some of the most elegant, romantic, and attractive flowers on any plant. The beauty of choosing shrubs with white blooms is that you can find varieties that blossom in all seasons. So, from spring until fall, you can enjoy shrubs with stunning large white flowers.

Types of Hollyhock Plants: Flowers, Leaves, Seeds (Pictures) – Identification Guide

hollyhock flowers

Hollyhock (alcea rosea) is a species of flowering garden plants with colorful white, purple, pink, red, and yellow cup-shaped flowers growing on tall spikes. Hollyhock flowers have a long blooming season, and their tall growth makes them useful landscaping plants. Easy to grow from seed, hollyhocks grow as short-lived perennials or biennials. Their brightly colored flowers make them ideal low-maintenance landscape plants for cottage gardens, mixed flower beds, or to create a colorful flowering living fence.

Nandina (Heavenly Bamboo or Nandina Domestica): Plant Care and Growing Guide

Nandina (Heavenly Bamboo or Nandina Domestica

Nandina (Nandina domestica) is an evergreen, ornamental landscape shrub with brightly colored leaves and crimson red berries. Nandina shrubs go by the common names of heavenly bamboo, Chinese sacred bamboo, or sacred bamboo. Nandina is a low-growing shrub that is popular in gardens due to its bright red or pink foliage that decorates the bush in the spring, fall, and winter.