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Types of Black Bees (Pictures) – How to Identify Big and Small Black Bees and How They Differ From Bumblebees

Types of Black Bees

Black bees are about the size of a bumblebee and are also excellent pollinators. In many ways, the habits and characteristics of big black bees are like those of bumblebees. However, black bees are not just black bumblebees. They are a different species of bee that some homeowners view as pests. In fact, if large black bees are causing property damage, you may need to find out ways to get rid of the black bumblebee-like insects.

Types of Black Spiders (With Pictures) – Identification Guide

Black Spiders

Identifying types of black spiders is crucial to tell the difference between harmless black spiders and dangerous ones. For example, the black house spider can bite, but it’s not aggressive nor considered dangerous. However, the black widow spider has a nasty venomous bite causing pain, cramps, and muscle spasms. Most black spiders in the house or garden are relatively harmless and tend to stay away from humans.

Insects That Look Like Bees (Flies, Wasps, Bugs) with Pictures and Identification

Insects That Look Like Bees

Many insects mimic bees in their appearance, behavior, flying action, and size. Wasps are the most obvious bee mimics because of their black and yellow striped bodies and ability to cause a painful sting. However, some black and yellow flies, moths, beetles, and ants look remarkably like bees. Apart from wasps and hornets, many of the bugs that look like bees are relatively harmless. So, being able to identify insects that look like bees can help to spot harmless bugs from stinging ones.

Types of Hornets: Nest, Size, Color (With Pictures) – Identification Guide

A hornet is a kind of giant wasp with brown and yellow stripes and a black or yellow body. Hornets have venom-containing stingers that can deliver a painful and, sometimes, life-threatening sting. Asian species of hornets—Asian hornet and Japanese giant hornet—have a reputation for being aggressive. However, the European hornet can also attack humans if you get too close to the hornet nest. Hornets are social flying insects that live in papery nests.

How to Kill Maggots: 7 Ways To Get Rid of Maggots in the House and in Trash Can

Get Rid of Maggots in the House and in Trash Can

Opening your trash can to find a horde of white, wriggling maggots can send you into a panic. The small worm-like creatures seem to come from nowhere and can quickly infest containers, garbage cans, under your sink, or other areas of your house. The best way to get rid of maggots is to prevent flies from laying eggs and kill the writhing larvae with boiling water or vinegar.

Types of Beautiful Moths (With Pictures) – Identification Guide

Beautiful Moths

Many species of moths are some of the most beautiful flying insects you can see. Colorful moths can be orange, red, green, yellow, white, and pink. The prettiest moths have intricate, colorful patterns on their wings that create dazzling displays when they flutter around at dusk. In many cases, multi-colored moths can be as beautiful as many species of butterflies.

How to Keep Rabbits Out of Yard and Garden: Fences, Deterrents, Repellents and More

They may look like cute, cuddly animals, but there are plenty of reasons to keep rabbits out of your garden or yard. Rabbits love to nibble on tender shoots, leafy greens, vegetables, flowers, and shrubs. Preventing rabbits in your yard or garden requires a multi-method approach. It’s vital to protect your garden from plant-destroying bunnies with fences, growing plants rabbits hate and using a range of deterrents.

Fluffy, Fuzzy or Furry Moths – Identification (With Pictures and Names)

Fluffy, Fuzzy or Furry Moths - Identification (With Pictures and Names)

Many types of fluffy moths are some of the prettiest and most beautiful winged insects you’ll find. Fuzzy moths can be colorful insects with pink, yellow, orange, blue, and white-colored wings. Many beautiful moths have fluffy brown bodies and wings with intricate patterns that can match the beauty of butterflies. Some spectacular furry moths have eye-like markings on their wings.

Types of Moths With Identification Guide and Pictures (Identification Chart)

Types of Moths With Identification Guide and Pictures (Identification Chart)

Many types of moths are beautiful nocturnal flying insects with colorful patterns on their large wings. Moths are more than the common brown moth that seems relatively drab compared to beautiful butterflies. Many moth species have stunning colors such as yellow, orange, pink, green, and red patterns. Some fascinating moth species can look like leaves or bark as they camouflage themselves on plants.

Types of Green Insects With Pictures and Names – Identification Guide

Green insects come in all shapes, sizes, and shades of green. Some common green insects such as grasshoppers, caterpillars, and lacewings have dark green to lime green bodies. Other insects, such as certain beetle species, have iridescent, metallic green bodies that seem to shimmer. Some butterfly species have fascinating neon green colors on their wings.