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Types of House Beetles: Pictures, Identification and Control

Types of House Beetles: Pictures, Identification and Control

House beetles are more than annoying bugs scurrying around your house. Beetles in the house can be destructive pests that contaminate food, destroy upholstery and carpets, and become a real nuisance. Knowing how to identify house beetles is key to getting rid of them for good. 

Types of Bees and How to Identify Them (Pictures, Names, Identification)

bee identification - Bee Species Identification Chart

Bees are small flying insects, common in summer gardens flying from flower to flower. Most bee species are recognizable by their striped fuzzy bodies—often with black and yellow or orange markings. There are 20,000 species of bees, and the most common – the Western honey bee (Apis mellifera) – is famous for producing honey.

Types of Gray Bugs: Silverfish, Stink Bugs and More (With Pictures) – Identification Guide

Gray Bugs identification

Gray bugs are small annoying creatures that can infest homes. The most common gray bug is the silverfish — a tiny, nocturnal silvery-gray wingless insect seen slithering across bathroom or kitchen floors. Other gray bugs you could find in the home or yard can be stink bugs, gray blister beetles, weevils, or pillbugs. 

Red Spiders (In the House and Outside): Pictures and Identification

Red Spiders identification

Red spiders in the house are typically eight-legged arachnids belonging to the genus Nesticodes. These small, red-bodied creatures are usually found lurking in dark corners, in the crevices of door frames and windows, and under furniture. However, there are also other, less common, species of red spiders that live outdoors. For example, the slender red grass spider, the furry jumping red and black cardinal spider, and the sizable reddish-brown woodlouse spider are all kinds of red spiders.

Types of House Bugs (With Pictures) – Identification Guide

Types of House Bugs Identification

Nobody wants to discover any type of house bugs crawling or flying around their home. Many tiny kinds of bugs in the house, like pillbugs, fruit flies, and silverfish, are harmless and are more of a nuisance. But some small black or brown bugs like mosquitos, ticks, bed bugs, drain flies, or common houseflies can sting, bite, or spread diseases. Additionally, tiny house bugs like beetles, weevils, and ants can infest pantries and kitchen cabinets in the home.

Tiny Yellow Bugs on Plants: Identification, Damage & Control

Tiny Yellow Bugs on Plants

Tiny yellow bugs crawling on the leaves or stems of your houseplants can send you into a panic. The small mite-like creatures look like little bright-yellow pear-shaped bugs with black legs and two dark antennae. Unfortunately, these tiny yellowish and black bugs are more than a nuisance pest. These bugs are yellow aphids—a type of sap-sucking insect that kills houseplants, greenhouse plants, and outdoor ornamental plants.

Types of Red Beetles (With Pictures) – Identification Guide

Red Beetles

Red beetles have a striking appearance due to their vibrant crimson red bodies or wing covers. Types of red beetles include the scarlet lily beetle, red pumpkin beetle, red soldier beetle, and the cocklebur weevil. Other types of red beetles include ladybugs which are flying red beetles in the order Coleoptera. Most types of beetles with red wing covers or bodies are found in grasslands, woodlands, and residential gardens.

Types of Small Flying Bugs In House (With Pictures) – Identification Guide

Small Flying Bugs In House

Small flying bugs can be an extreme nuisance in homes. Fruit flies and fungus gnats are the most common flying house pests that most people can identify. However, annoying flying pests in houses also include houseflies, drain flies, cluster flies, whiteflies, and pantry moths. 

Types of Kitchen Bugs (With Pictures) – Identification Guide

Kitchen Bugs

Many types of bugs can become a significant nuisance in kitchens. Tiny black kitchen bugs like fruit flies, gnats, or drain flies can hover around your face or land on food. Disgusting kitchen bugs such as rice weevils, flour beetles, or pantry bugs lay eggs in stored dry food products that become infested with larvae. Or you could notice disease-carrying cockroaches or other nasty bugs scurrying across your floor.

Types of Pantry Bugs (With Pictures) – Identification and Treatment Guide

Pantry Bugs identification and treatment

Pantry bugs are tiny insects like beetles, weevils, moths, ants, and worms that can infest foodstuffs. These little pantry bugs live in flour, dried grains, cereal products, pasta, rice, spices, crackers, and powdered foods. Unfortunately, identifying and getting rid of pantry bugs is challenging. The little creepy crawlies are hard to spot, and their eggs are often microscopic.