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51 Low Maintenance Shrubs for Front of House Landscaping

Low Maintenance Shrubs for Front of House Landscaping

Low-maintenance shrubs are vital for landscaping the front of your house. Evergreen and deciduous shrubs require little care to boost curb appeal, improve security, and provide privacy. Minimal-upkeep shrubs enhance your property’s aesthetics by adding color, texture, and lush foliage to its foundation line. Low-maintenance front-of-house shrubs help make your home more welcoming without spending hours gardening.

51 Types of Flowering Weeds (with Pictures): Identification Guide

Types of Flowering Weeds (White, Purple, Pink) - Pictures and Identification Guide

Despite weeds having a bad rap, flowering weeds can add a touch of natural beauty, color, and fragrance to your garden landscape. In the right place, weeds that flower don’t have to be a nuisance. Instead, flowering weeds with white, purple, or pink flowers can bloom and enhance the visual appeal of your yard. After all, what may be a weed to one gardener could be an attractive flower to another.

The Best 21 Plants For Poor Soil (Even A Beginner Can Care For Them)

The Best Plants For Poor Soil

Poor soil in a garden can make planting beautiful flowers, shrubs, and perennials challenging. The good news is that plenty of flowering plants and ornamental grasses thrive in poor soil conditions. Some plants grow in dry, rocky, or poorly-draining soil because of their root system or growth habit. Whether your garden’s soil is sandy, clay, soggy, or with low fertility, many plants adapt and thrive in these conditions.

42 Native California Plants: Flowers, Trees, and Shrubs (with Pictures)

Native California Plants (with Pictures)

Native California plants are a great choice to plant in landscapes on the Pacific Coast. Plants native to California have adapted to the local climate and soil conditions and play a crucial role in local ecosystems. Also, planting native California plants in your front or backyard provides important habitat and food sources for local wildlife, including birds, butterflies, and bees.

77 Florida Native Plants: Flowers, Trees, and Shrubs – Identification Guide (with Pictures)

Florida Native Plants - Identification Guide (With Pictures)

Do you want to incorporate native plants into your Florida garden? Native plants in Florida are well-suited for planting across the Sunshine State. From flowers and shrubs to vining plants and trees, these native species thrive in the hot and humid conditions that define this southeastern region.

25 Pink Flowering Vines – Identification Guide and Pictures

Pink Flowering Vines - Identification Guide

Pink-flowering vines infuse beautiful pink shades, beauty, elegance, and texture to garden landscapes. Climbing, scrambling, and trailing plants with pink blossoms create stunning floral displays, climbing trellises, fences, and garden structures. Many pink-flowering vining plants cascade over walls or grow as ground cover, enhancing outdoor spaces with romantic blooms.

Yellow Flowering Vines (with Pictures): Identification Guide

Yellow Flowering Vines (with Pictures): Identification Guide

Yellow flowering vines can add a bright and cheerful touch to any garden or landscape. These climbing plants with yellow blooms can scramble over trellises, fences, or arbors, creating a stunning vertical display. Some popular vines with yellow flowers look spectacular, cascading over walls, covering the ground, or growing in hanging baskets.

21 Mushrooms that Grow On Trees (with Pictures): Identification Guide

Mushrooms that Grow On Trees: Identification Guide

Mushrooms growing on trees are a common sight in backyards. The spongy orange or brown fruiting bodies appear fascinating as they grow like small shelves or brackets. While many tree mushrooms sprout on rotting wood, it’s not unusual to observe large fungal growth on living trees.

19 Outdoor Palm Plants for Garden Landscaping

Outdoor Palm Plants for Garden Landscaping

Outdoor palm plants are popular for adding a tropical touch to gardens and landscapes. Small or compact palm trees and plants are ideal for front-of-house planting and backyards with limited space. You can plant the palms as focal points in landscaping or in containers as potted plants on patios and decks. Known for their iconic palm fronds or leaves and unique appearance, outdoor palm plants can enhance a tropical garden’s aesthetics.

Types of Brown Mushrooms (with Pictures): Identification Guide

Types of Brown Mushrooms (With Pictures): Identification Guide

Brown mushrooms are common varieties of fungi appearing in lawns, yards, and woodlands. The spongy fungal growths can be difficult to spot in a garden because their brown cap and stems blend in with the soil and surroundings. The brown wild mushrooms can be identified by their cap shape, type of stem, and where they are growing in a landscape.