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Trees and Shrubs with Orange Berries

Trees and Shrubs with Orange Berries

Trees and shrubs with orange berries provide plenty of visual interest to garden landscapes. Clusters of orange berries on shrubs and trees attract wildlife, adding warm hues to outdoor spaces. The orange fruits contrast nicely with deciduous and evergreen shrub and tree foliage for year-long color in front or backyards.

52 Low Maintenance Perennial Flowers (With Pictures)

Best Perennial Flowers

Many types of perennial flowers are easy to grow in your garden and produce stunning blooms year after year. Easy growing perennial flowers take much of the work out of gardening without compromising on beauty. Some of the best low maintenance perennial flowers for your garden include daylilies, black-eyed Susan, geraniums, honeysuckle, and creeping phlox.

30 Low Maintenance Perennials for a Shade Garden

30 Low Maintenance Perennials for a Shade Garden

Finding low-maintenance perennials that thrive in low-light conditions can be challenging. Many perennial flowers, shrubs, bulbs, and grasses can become leggy or perform poorly in shade gardens. However, finding low-maintenance perennials for partial to deep shade conditions is possible. Many easy-care plants don’t just survive in the shade—they thrive in shady gardens.

34 Low Maintenance Full Sun Perennials

Low Maintenance Full Sun Perennials

Low-maintenance perennials that tolerate full sun are ideal for landscaping your front or backyard. Full-sun perennial bulbs and flowers are typically easy to care for, requiring minimal attention and pruning to grow and bloom. The beautiful, low-maintenance, full-sun perennials return year after year, filling gardens with color, texture, and beautiful flowers.

31 Perennial Flowers with Pictures and Names

Perennial Flowers with Pictures and Names

Perennial flowers are ideal for adding color and long-lasting beauty to your garden landscape. Flowering perennial plants return year after year, making them ideal for low-maintenance gardening. The flowers, bulbs, and shrubs transform outdoor spaces into vibrant, colorful front and backyards. 

37 Plants That Thrive Under Trees: Flowers, Shrubs, Ground Covers, and Bulbs

What to Plant Under Trees: Flowers, Shrubs, Ground Covers, and Bulbs

Choosing the right plants to grow under trees can be challenging. Plants growing around trees must compete for nutrients and moisture. Flowers, shrubs, and bulbs also must grow without much sunlight, tolerating constant shade from the tree’s canopy. However, there are plenty of flowers, shrubs, ground covers, and bulbs to fill empty, barren spaces under trees.

The Best 18 Plants That Thrive Under Evergreen Trees

The Best Plants to Grow Under Evergreen Trees

Growing plants under evergreen trees can be challenging due to the shade and dry ground. In addition, if you are planting under a coniferous tree like pine, you’ll also have acidic soil. Many types of evergreen trees have shallow roots that absorb nutrients and moisture from the shaded root zone. Therefore, various shrubs, perennials, ornamental grasses, and ground cover plants may struggle to grow under evergreen trees.

16 Beautiful Plants that Thrive Under Maple Trees

Beautiful Plants For Landscaping Under Maple Trees

Finding plants for landscaping under maple trees can be challenging. Most maples have shallow, aggressive roots, and the tree’s canopy creates dense shade. This means many plants struggle in dry, shady conditions with low soil nutrient levels. However, choosing the right plants can turn a barren maple tree understory into a beautiful and thriving landscape.

17 Plants that Thrive Under Oak Trees

What to Plant Under Oak Trees: Landscaping Under Oak Trees

Plants that grow well under oak trees should tolerate shade and drought and not have deep roots. Landscaping under oak trees can be challenging. Even though the majestic trees are beautiful, it isn’t easy to find plants that thrive under oaks. However, with careful planning and the right plant selection, you can create a beautiful and thriving landscape under an oak tree.

Landscaping Under Pine Trees: 31 Plants That Thrive Under Pine Trees

Landscaping Under Pine Trees: Plants That Thrive Under Pine Trees

Finding the right plants for landscaping under pine trees can be challenging. Pine trees have shallow roots and thrive in sandy, well-drained soils where many shrubs, bulbs, perennial flowers, and ground cover plants struggle. Also, pine tree canopies create shaded areas, making it difficult to find plants that thrive in the soil conditions pine trees create.