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Types of Ants With Identification and Pictures (Identification Chart)

Types of Ants With Identification

Ants are a type of small insect with three distinct body parts, six legs, and two antennae. Black ants are the most common type; however, ant species can also be dark brown, tan, or red colors. Some types of swarming ants also develop wings. But most ants are tiny creepy crawlies that get around by walking.

White Mites: Identification, Treatment and Prevention of White Spider Mite Damage

White Mites Identification and control

White mites are tiny bugs that can infest houseplants and outdoor plants, causing foliage to wilt and turn yellow. Also called spider mites, these white arachnids are notoriously tricky to spot. The first sign of white mites on houseplants is typically strands of silky web dangling from leaves. A heavy white mite infestation typically is noticeable due to webbing between leaves and stems and masses of tiny white bugs underneath plant leaves.

Types of White Bugs (Including Tiny Bugs): Pictures and Identification

White Bugs Identification

White bugs can be annoying pests in the home. You can often find the pesky bugs in kitchen cabinets, under bathroom sinks, or infesting your houseplants. The problem is that the crawling insects can be challenging to spot and identify. Tiny white bugs like grain mites, flour mites, and mold mites can be less than 0.026” (0.66 mm) long. Other white bugs like termites can do tremendous damage to wooden structures.

Types of Ground Bees (With Pictures) – Identification and Control

Ground Bees identification and control

Ground bees or ground nesting bees are solitary bees that make nests in the ground. Ground bees tunnel into dry soil to create underground nests about 6” (15 cm) long where they raise their young. Despite these solitary bees being beneficial to the ecosystem and biodiversity, many gardeners view ground bees as pests. Ground nesting bees can create dirt piles in lawns, spoiling the look of lush turfgrass. Also, many people may be concerned that ground bees can sting.

Small Brown Beetles (In the House and Outside) – With Pictures and Identification

Small Brown Beetles

Small brown beetles can become pests in the home or outside in your yard. Some types of small brown indoor beetles are commonly found in pantries, crawling in dried cereals, boring in furniture, or infesting carpets.

Types of Red Bugs (Including Tiny Bugs) With Pictures and Identification

Red Bugs

Tiny red bugs in the house can be annoying creatures because some bite and others leave a red stain if you squash them. The most common small bugs with red bodies are chiggers and red clover mites. These almost microscopic reddish-brown bugs can be hard to spot. Other red bugs you could find in your home are red spider mites, red scarlet beetles, or black and red boxelder bugs.

Black and Yellow Spiders (House and Garden Spiders) – Pictures and Identification

Black and Yellow Spiders

Black and yellow spiders are surprisingly rare. You are more likely to find a yellow and black spider in the garden rather than lurking in the house. The most common spider with a black and yellow body is the garden orb-weaver. This large, oval spider has a black body with yellow markings and striped legs. Other black and yellow spiders are the spiny orb-weaver, arrow-shaped micrathena, and the marbled orb-weaver.

15 Red and Black Bugs (Pictures) – Insect and Bug Identification

Red and Black Bugs

Red and black bugs can be found crawling in your garden, and they can also invade your home. Identifying insects with a red and black body can help know how to get rid of them and if they are dangerous.

Types of Florida Spiders (with Pictures) – Identification Guide

Florida Spiders

Florida is home to many types of spiders — some are harmless, and some are highly venomous. The two most common venomous spiders in Florida are the brown recluse spider and the black widow spider. But even if a spider doesn’t bite, identifying species of Florida spiders is vital to know what type of arachnid you are dealing with. For example, some brown spiders in Florida are easy to mistake for recluse spiders.

Types of Spiders and How to Identify Them (Pictures, Names, Identification Chart)

Types of Spiders and How to Identify Them

Many types of spiders can instill fear as they scurry across a room or jump out from a dark corner. Even though most species of common house spiders are harmless animals and don’t bite, few people like seeing them. The most common 8-legged arachnids that live in houses are brown spiders. Among the more than 48,000 species of spiders are black spiders, brown and black spiders, little red spiders, and even white spiders.