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Wisteria Trees (Including Blue Chinese Wisteria Tree) – Pictures and Care

Wisteria Trees (Including Blue Chinese Wisteria Tree)

The wisteria tree is a beautiful flowering plant, famed for its spectacular dangling streaming clusters of blue-purple flowers. Although wisteria is typically grown as a vining plant, you can also grow it as a single-stemmed tree. The stunning tree with its robust trunk, gnarled branches, and spreading canopy makes for a magnificent specimen tree in your garden landscape.

Small Ornamental Trees For Flower Beds (Pictures) – Identification Guide

Small Ornamental Trees For Flower Beds

Small ornamental trees are crucial for landscaping, bringing color, vibrancy, and wildlife to your flower beds. Planting small and dwarf flowering or weeping trees means that they don’t crowd other flowers or shrubs. In addition, a small ornamental tree won’t block out light, potentially impacting other decorative plants in your yard.

Jacaranda Tree: Flowers, Leaves (With Pictures) – Care and Identification Guide

Jacaranda Tree care

Jacaranda mimosifolia is a beautiful ornamental tropical tree. The jacaranda tree is known for its spectacular clusters of intense purple-blue trumpet-shaped flowers, attractive green fern-like leaves, and a spreading umbrella-like canopy. Also called the blue jacaranda, the stunning flowering tree is native to South and Central America and popular in Florida and California. The fast-growing elegant jacaranda tree with its blue flowers is common in streets, parks, and gardens as it blooms in spring and summer.

American Elm Tree: Leaves, Bark (Pictures) – Identification and Care

American Elm Tree

The American elm tree is a popular deciduous broadleaf landscape tree with an attractive shape and fall colors. American elms are identified by their upright-spreading habit that forms an appealing urn-shaped, broad crown.

Loblolly Pine: Cones, Needles, Bark (With Pictures) – Identification and Care

Loblolly Pine

The loblolly pine tree is a tall evergreen conifer with needle leaves, small yellow or purple flowers, and rusty-brown conical pine cones. Loblolly pine trees are native to the Southeastern United States, where they are one of the most common pine trees. The fast-growing pines are popular for planting as an evergreen screen in garden landscapes. In their native habitat, the attractive loblolly pine tree grows up to 115 ft. (35 m) tall and has a recognizable dense oval crown.

Types of Pine Cones: Large, Small, Giant, and More (with Pictures) – Identification Guide

Pine Cones

Pine cones come in all shapes, sizes and shades of brown. The conical or cylindrical woody cones help identify the species of pine trees. Most pine cones have an overall cone-like or egg shape. Some seed cones from pine trees are long and cylinder-like, whereas other pine cones are more egg-shaped with woody spiny scales. Some of the smallest pine cones are barrel-shaped with large scales. The largest pine cone — the coulter pine cone — is a huge ovoid scaly cone that weighs up to 11 lbs. (5 kg).

Pin Oak: Leaves, Bark, Fruit (Acorn):  Pictures, Identification and Growing Guide

Pin Oak tree identification

The pin oak tree (Quercus palustris) is a deciduous hardwood tree with bristle-tipped, deeply lobed green leaves, rounded dark brown acorns, and a dense, pyramidal crown. Pin oak trees brighten up the fall landscape with their bright crimson red leaves that gradually turn coppery brown. In addition, pin oaks are identified by their distinctive branching in winter, which creates an attractive silhouette. Pin oaks are popular as street trees and shade trees in large residential parks or gardens.

Types of Florida Oak Trees with Their Bark and Leaves – Identification Guide (Pictures)

Florida Oak Trees

Oak trees in Florida are an important part of the landscape. Many oak trees are native to Florida and grow throughout the Sunshine State. From the evergreen southern live oak trees that thrive in South Florida to the deciduous oak trees like the Shumard oak and willow oak in the north, you will find a wide variety of oak tree species.

Black Tupelo Tree: Leaves, Bark (Pictures) – Identification and Care Guide

Black Tupelo Tree

The black tupelo tree is an attractive ornamental tree native to North America. Also called the black gum or sour gum, the deciduous tree is identified by its oval, dark green glossy leaves, bark resembling alligator skin, clusters of greenish-white flowers, and bluish-black fruits. The spectacular feature of black tupelo trees is its eye-catching fall foliage, which can turn vibrant orange, bright red, yellow, or purple shades.

Types of Oak Trees with Their Bark and Leaves – Identification Guide (Pictures)

oak trees bark and leaves

Oak trees are a group of hardwood trees that belong to the genus Quercus and the beech family, Fagaceae. All types of oak trees are categorized into two groups: white oak trees, and red oak trees. To identify the type of oak tree, you need to look at its bark, leaves, acorns and its general shape.