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The Best Potted Palm Trees For Outdoors (With Pictures) – Identification Guide

Potted Palm Trees For Outdoors

Growing a potted palm tree can add a tropical touch to your garden landscape. Many small, dwarf, and miniature palm trees are suitable for growing in containers. Living in tropical or semi-tropical climates allows you to grow potted palms outdoors throughout the year. In temperate climates, you can take the palm tree pot outdoors during the summer season and overwinter it indoors. 

Ironwood Tree: Facts, Leaves, Flowers, Bark (Pictures) – Identification and Care

The ironwood tree (Ostrya virginiana) is a small deciduous understory tree. It is identified by its birch-like leaves, light brown shaggy bark, and yellowish-green flower clusters. Ironwood trees are attractive in the landscape with a pyramidal, rounded crown and their ability to grow in almost any location. As an understory tree, the ironwood performs well in deeply shaded conditions, and it also grows just as well in full sun. 

Royal Poinciana (Flamboyant Tree): Flowers, Leaves (Pictures) – Identification

Royal Poinciana (Flamboyant Tree)

Royal poinciana is a stunning flowering evergreen tree that blooms with masses of showy red-orange flowers in late spring and early summer. Also called the flame of the forest, flamboyant tree, or flame tree, the royal poinciana is known for its fern-like leaves, spreading umbrella-like canopy, and attractive mahogany seed pods. 

Types of Pine Trees in Florida (Pictures) – Identification Guide

Florida pines

Many species of pine trees grow well in Florida’s unique climate. Pine trees are typically cold-hardy coniferous trees, known for their evergreen pine-needle foliage and hardiness in freezing temperatures. Despite this fact, some pine trees in Florida thrive. For example, the longleaf pine, shortleaf pine, loblolly pine, and spruce pine are found throughout the Sunshine State. 

Katsura Tree (Including Weeping Katsura): Leaves, Bark and Care (Pictures) – Identification

Katsura Tree

Katsura tree is a medium-sized ornamental flowering tree with light brown shaggy bark, heart-shaped green leaves, and spectacular golden-yellow or orange fall foliage. A fascinating feature of the katsura tree is its sweet caramel-like smell when the leaves drop in the fall. The multi-trunked deciduous tree grows an oval to a pyramidal crown with arching branches.

Amazing Narrow Evergreen Trees: The Best Skinny Columnar Evergreen Trees (Pictures) – Identification

Narrow Evergreen Trees: Skinny Columnar Evergreen Trees

Narrow evergreen trees are excellent landscaping trees to provide year-long color, privacy, shade, and visual appeal in a garden. Skinny columnar evergreen trees are ideal for small, compact gardens where ornamental trees don’t have room to spread. In addition, narrow trees with evergreen foliage are suitable for planters to add greenery to a patio, container garden, or entranceway.

Green Ash Tree: Leaves, Bark (Pictures) – Identification and Care Guide

Green Ash Tree Identification

The green ash tree (Fraxinus pennsylvanica) is a medium-sized, fast-growing deciduous tree with large, glossy, dark green leaves and an irregular pyramidal crown. A green ash tree has gray-brown furrowed bark with diamond patterns, small clusters of spring flowers (panicles), and long winged fruit called samaras, similar to the seeds of maples.

Berries That Grow On Trees (Including Blackberry Lookalikes) – With Pictures and Identification Guide

Berries that grow on trees are surprisingly uncommon in the botanical world. The most well-known tree that produces edible berries is the mulberry tree with its blackberry-like fruit. Other types of edible berries that grow on trees are hackberries, silver buffaloberry, serviceberry, Panama berry, and fruit on the strawberry tree.

Willow Oak: Leaves, Bark, Acorns (Pictures): Identification and Growing Guide

willow oak tree (Quercus phellos) identification

The willow oak tree is a type of native red oak that gets its name from the long, willow-like leathery leaves growing on the tree. The impressive medium-sized deciduous willow oak is known for its fast growth, lush foliage, barrel-shaped acorns, and golden yellow or copper-brown fall foliage. Once established in the landscape, willow oak trees are robust, drought-tolerant and hardy.

‘Autumn Blaze’ Maple (Acer x freemanii ‘Autumn Blaze’): Leaves, Bark – Identification

‘Autumn Blaze’ Maple

The ‘Autumn Blaze’ maple tree is a beautiful ornamental tree, prized for its spectacular orange and crimson red fall color. The ‘Autumn Blaze’ maple is a deciduous tree with an attractive upward branching habit, rounded canopy, and deeply lobed maple leaves. There is no mistaking the ‘Autumn Blaze’ maple tree in a fall landscape as it retains its scarlet red foliage for several weeks before dropping.