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Acacia Trees: Types, Leaves, Flowers, Thorns – Identification (With Pictures)

Acacia Trees Identification

Acacia trees and shrubs are an evergreen plant species with unique fern-like leaves and showy clusters of fragrant yellow or white fuzzy flowers. The unusual feature of feathery acacia leaves is that they are a type of modified stem or petiole. Acacias are fast-growing thorny trees and shrubs with many uses in a garden landscape.

Poplar Trees: Types, Bark, Leaves – Identification (With Pictures)

Poplar Trees: Types, Bark, Leaves - Identification

Poplar (Populus) trees are large deciduous trees with rounded to triangular leaves, attractive grayish bark, and small clusters of drooping flowers. Many poplar trees are identified by their bark’s color—white, gray, or black—and triangular, ovate leaves. The white poplar is the most common poplar tree and has white bark and white and green leaves that seem to ‘twinkle’ in gentle breezes. Some species of poplars also have a fresh balsam scent.

Birch Trees: Types, Leaves, Bark – Identification (With Images)

Birch trees (genus Betula) are flowering medium-sized deciduous trees with thin papery bark and egg-shaped pointed leaves. Birch trees have spectacular fall colors that can be golden yellow, vibrant orange, or fiery red. Common birch trees get their names from the bark’s distinctive colors, which can be white, silver, black, gray, or yellow.

Aspen Trees: Types, Leaves, Flowers (Including Quaking Aspen) – With Pictures

Aspen Trees: Types, Leaves, Flowers

Aspen trees are medium-sized deciduous trees with rough gray-white bark and large round leaves with toothed margins. The quaking aspen (Populus tremuloides) and bigtooth aspen (Populus grandidentata) are the most common aspen trees in North America. Aspen trees have a unique spreading root system that produces new clone trees. You can find aspens growing as far north as Alaska and as far south as Mexico.

Mesquite Trees: Types, Leaves, Flowers, Bark – Identification Guide (With Pictures)

Mesquite Trees: Types, Leaves, Flowers, Bark - Identification Guide

Mesquite trees are short, thorny shrub-like trees with feathery leaves, white or yellow flowers, and seed pods containing peas. Mesquite trees commonly grow in shrublands in Texas, Arizona, and other states in the southern US. The most common types of mesquite trees are the honey mesquite tree (Prosopis glandulosa), velvet mesquite tree (Prosopis velutina), and screwbean mesquite tree (Prosopis pubescens).

Types of Ornamental Flowering Pear Trees – Fruitless Pear Trees (Pictures)

Types of Ornamental Flowering Pear Trees - Fruitless Pear Trees (Pictures)

The ornamental flowering pear tree (Pyrus calleryana) blossoms with spectacular white flowers every spring. The small deciduous pear tree species has a rounded shape, oval, glossy green leaves, and five-petaled white flowers. Apart from the landscaping tree’s beautiful flowers, ornamental pear trees have striking yellow, orange and red fall colors.

Hibiscus Tree: Care and Growing Guide (Including Braided Hibiscus)

The hibiscus tree is a flowering ornamental plant with large, showy, trumpet-shaped flowers. Hibiscus trees have large tropical flowers between 3” and 8” (7 – 20 cm) across that grow in hues of pink, red, lilac, purple, blue, and white. Hibiscus trees are easy to grow in gardens as long as they get plenty of sunshine. Plenty of light means that the sizeable shrubby tree blooms continuously throughout the summer.

Types of Magnolia Trees and Shrubs with Their Flowers and Leaves – Identification (Pictures)

Types of Magnolia Trees and Shrubs, with flowers and leaves

Magnolias are beautiful flowering trees or shrubs with stunning pink, purple, yellow, or white flowers. Magnolia trees and shrubs have thick leathery leaves and impressive flowers that appear early in the spring. Magnolias can be deciduous or evergreen depending on their growing zone. Some species of magnolia can be large trees while other types can be small trees or large bushes with a shrubby growth. Whatever variety of magnolia grows in your yard, their magnificent showy flowers add color and fragrance to garden landscapes.

Magnolia Trees and Shrubs: Care and Growing Guide (With Pictures)

Magnolia is a genus of flowering trees and shrubs that produce stunning white and pink bowl- or star-shaped flowers. Magnolia trees and shrubs are identified by their glossy, leathery leaves, fragrant, showy flowers, and cone-like fruits in the fall. Magnolias are easy to care for, and growing these trees or shrubby plants add beauty to garden landscapes.

Types of Buckeye Trees with Their Flowers and Leaves – Identification Guide (Pictures)

Buckeyes (Aesculus) are a species of large deciduous tree that is related to the horse chestnut tree. Common varieties of buckeyes are the Ohio buckeye, the California buckeye, and the yellow buckeye. Buckeye trees are identified by their large round inedible nut-like seeds, green palmately compound leaves, and creamy-yellow or red flower clusters.