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Types of Butterfly Caterpillars With Pictures and Identification Guide

Butterfly Caterpillars Identification

Caterpillars that turn into butterflies are colorful worm-like crawling insects in all shapes and sizes. Butterfly caterpillars typically have a smooth body, and some exotic-looking caterpillars may have a spiny appearance. In addition, butterfly larvae or caterpillars can be green, brown, black or yellow and have identifiable stripes, patterns, and other recognizable features. 

Types of Black and Brown Caterpillars (Pictures and Identification)

Black and Brown Caterpillars identification

Black and brown caterpillars are the worm-like larvae of moths and butterflies. The most common black and brown caterpillar is the furry banded woolly bear. This hairy crawling insect is covered in black hairy tufts with a bronze-brown band in the middle. Other types of brown and black caterpillars can have smooth bodies, spiny clumps, mottled patterns, or stinging setae (hairs). 

Types of Arizona Caterpillars (With Pictures) – Identification Guide

Arizona Caterpillars identification

Caterpillars are a common sight in Arizona. Native Arizona caterpillars are typically large, worm-like creatures with cylindrical bodies. Common caterpillars in Arizona can be black and yellow with stripes, fat green larvae with dots or unusual markings, black spiky crawling insects, or black and orange furry caterpillars. Arizona also has types of stinging caterpillars, like the southern flannel moth caterpillar and the crowned slug moth caterpillar. 

Texas Caterpillars (Including Hairy and Fuzzy) With Pictures – Identification Guide

Texas Caterpillars

Texas is home to several species of caterpillars that come in all shapes and sizes. Common types of caterpillars in Texas include stinging, horned, smooth-bodied, furry, and spiky caterpillars. The worm-like caterpillars are typically green, black, or yellow. It’s also possible to identify Texas caterpillars by particular markings on their body segments. 

Types of Hairy Caterpillars (With Pictures) – Identification Guide

Hairy Caterpillars identification

Hairy caterpillars may look cute and fluffy, but many species of these furry worm-like creatures have stinging spines. Species of caterpillars covered in hairs come in all shapes and sizes. For example, there are fuzzy white caterpillars with long pencil setae. Other hairy caterpillars may be covered in tufts of dense hairs giving the worms a furry appearance. Different types of hairy caterpillars may look like black and brown woolly tubes.

Types of Black Spiky Caterpillars (With Pictures) – Identification Guide

Black Spiky Caterpillars

Black spiky caterpillars are unusual types of butterfly or moth larvae. The dark-colored, worm-like bugs can have a menacing appearance with their jet-black bodies, light or white markings, and fleshy spines or spikes on their body. Black caterpillars are typically not venomous despite their spikes because they don’t contain poison-filled spines.

Types of Moth Caterpillars With Their Picture – Identification Guide

Types of Moth Caterpillars

Caterpillars that become moths after pupation come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Moth caterpillars can be green, black, yellow, or striped. Some of the most unusual moth caterpillars have spiky tufts of hair, intricate patterns, or a furry appearance.

Types of White Caterpillars (Including Fuzzy) – Pictures and Identification

White Caterpillars

White caterpillars are the larvae of various moth and butterfly species. There are several different types of white caterpillars, all with unique identifying characteristics. For example, many fuzzy white caterpillars like hickory tussock moth caterpillars have stinging spines and cause skin irritation when handled. Others like white flannel moth caterpillars have venom-filled spines. However, not all white furry caterpillars are stinging varieties. Some white caterpillars like the silkworm have smooth bodies and identifiable markings.

Types of Brown Caterpillars (With Pictures) – Identification

Types of Brown Caterpillars (With Pictures) – Identification

Brown caterpillars are worm-like larvae with furry, smooth, or patterned bodies. The long cylindrical insects may look brown and drab, but they transform into stunning moths or butterflies. Although most brown caterpillars are harmless, some species of brown furry caterpillars have stinging hairs or spines that can cause a nasty skin rash if you handle them.

Florida Caterpillars (Including Hairy and Fuzzy) with Pictures – Identification Guide

Florida Caterpillars

Florida is home to many types of caterpillars. Among Florida’s exotic and strange-looking caterpillars are fuzzy, striped, and unusual-looking horned caterpillars. In addition, several varieties of stinging caterpillars in the Sunshine State can give you a nasty sting if you handle them. Identifying caterpillars in Florida can help to know which species of caterpillars are poisonous and which are harmless.